Fall Texture Pack – Y’all, It’s Fall!

Fall Texture Pack that makes your world become autumn! With texture pack, you can see all your favorite plants turn to orange, fall-y glory. Also, winter pack comes!

Creator: Cornbreadman Crafts

Fall Texture Pack

NOTE: I used Shader for all screenshot



  • Most leaves turn orange and grass become yellow.
  • Most leaves turn orange in your hand, so as to minimize incogruence
  • Water is less saturated in most landlocked biomes, to look less silly against the bright orange of the leaves


  • Grass blocks become snowy regardless of biome or whether there’s a snow layer on them
  • Water is now significantly more cyan in most landlocked biomes, because it looks nice


  • Vines and grasses don’t render correctly in the hotbar or inventory
  • Most leaves, grasses, and other foliage don’t render properly in badlands biomes. It looks fine in autumn, not so much in winter
  • Can’t figure out how to change rain particles without them looking worse, so snow is still exclusive to snow biomes, even when winter is applied
  • You may have to close and restart Minecraft after changing pack settings


  • Added pack description
  • Updated the version number
  • Autumn:

    • Removed evergreen.png from the colormaps folder
    • Added carried textures for all leaves except for spruce and azalea, as those don’t change color
    • Added carried textures for grasses and vines
  • Winter

    • All colormaps are now pure white, not entirely sure why they weren’t before
    • Added textures for all leaves, grasses, vines, and lily pads
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