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The edge is the least visited place in the whole Minecraft… This is mainly because it is so difficult to get to. First, you need to find a fortress, which usually requires spending a huge amount of the Ender’s eyes, and, therefore, the Ender pearls and fire powder. Then you need to clear this fortress and find a room with a portal. Well, half the way has been passed, it remains only to get another wanderer’s eyes to activate the portal!

Upon arrival in the Edge, there will be no red carpet, orchestra and festive table waiting for you, instead there will be an angry dragon. Defeat him with the help of your cunning, pumped up skills and a little luck, heartlessly scroll down the long list of those heroic people who have worked long and hard to create your beloved Minecraft, and only after that you can start exploring the most mysterious and sinister dimension of the game!

Today we will also talk about my favorite part of this dimension – the Heights of the End!

The land is made up of five different biomes. The first, oddly enough, is called the Edge, it is here that the battle with the dragon of the Edge takes place. Having defeated him, you can go further – to the ring of orbital islands. The smallest biome is the End Islands. And the largest is divided into several parts: plains, outskirts and, finally, our goal is the uplands of the Region.

You will understand that you are in the right biome, by the huge corus trees that grow only in this biome. But if you are lucky, you will see not only trees, but also a huge purple building with glowing yellow windows. This begins the Ender City, filled with shulkers, Endermen’s chests, rods, and purple blocks.

Perhaps you will be able to see an even rarer structure that looks like a ship. If you find him, you will be a real lucky one! Inside is a treasury that houses some of the most valuable trophies in Minecraft Bedrock.

Don’t cloud your mind with the treasures of the Ender Rise and always be on the lookout because the biome is full of dangers. Along with the ubiquitous Ender Wanderers, who can tear you apart in the blink of an eye, even if you just look at them, you will also meet shulkers – more cunning and dangerous enemies.

Shulkers hide in their shells and blend easily with the purple blocks of city buildings. They fire projectiles that levitate players, causing them to rise into the air. It’s pretty nice and funny until the effect ends at a height high enough to fall. You will fall to the ground and, hitting, lose some of your health. Shulkers have excellent armor and the ability to teleport, which together brings players a lot of trouble.

If you still manage to clear the Ender city of hostile mobs, or at least a small part of it, you can set up camp in the Ender wastelands. If you try, you can even create a completely cozy home atmosphere. But be careful: the eyes of the Endermen will always follow you.

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