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Can’t find a suitable place to live, a new biome to call your home? The grass in another meadow is always greener, unless you live near the desert, of course.

And whatif I tell you that in Minecraft Is there a place with an unlimited supply of chocolate, melons and parrots? A place where you can explore ancient ruins and climb the top of the tallest trees. Sounds tempting? Welcome to the greenest biome in the game – the jungle!

The jungle was added to Minecraft in the Adventure Update in early 2012, they were preceded by rainforests in an earlier release. It is quite simple to recognize that you are in the jungle – there are many very tall trees, and the ground is covered with bushes and other vegetation.

The jungle is the only habitat for some animals and plants. In addition to flocks of sheep, pigs, chickens and cows, you will find parrots, pandas and ocelots there, roaming under the crowns of majestic trees. And each of these animals can not only cheer you up, but also save your life.

Parrots mimic the sounds of hostile mobs in the vicinity, including the hiss of a creeper. Ocelots ward off ghosts and creepers, but if you have farms with chickens and baby turtles, stay away from the ocelots, as they would love to feast on your pets. What about pandas? Pandas Minecraft Bedrock absolutely useless, but they are incredibly cute!

In addition to a wide variety of animals, the jungle is also rich in vegetation. For example, cocoa beans and melons, which only grow there. In fact, finding these plants is a great way to explore a new biome in a fun and rewarding way. And one of the main plants is bamboo. It is a key ingredient in a crafting recipe. scaffolding – some of the most convenient building blocks!

The jungle seems to be a great place to live: there is food, useful animals and a huge amount of wood, but there are drawbacks here. Sometimes it is difficult to get through the forest and it is easy to get lost in it. And clearing the area for the house can take some time.

From the last point, one more plus can be distinguished – a tree house. Where, if not in the jungle, you can build a chic, spacious house without spending time on increasing the tree itself. Not like these villagers who live at ground level! Most importantly, you do not look down, otherwise falling from a tall tree can be very painful.

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