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Life in the ocean Minecraft Is a rather intriguing survival experience. It’s not too difficult to turn an abandoned shipwreck into a home, and you can swim to islands and distant shores to gather resources.

In fact, there are many benefits to this approach. The house surrounded by water is fairly safe from zombies, skeletons, spiders and creepers (watch out for drowned people though). You don’t need to go far to fish, all the fish are already practically in your hands. And the sunsets in the underwater world are really special.

But just as there are many different land biomes, there are many ocean biomes, and choosing one to build your home is not an easy task. Today I will speak for the tropics.

Warm oceans are a great place to swim, unlike deep cold oceanwhere the water is drowned out by dense forests of algae. The warm ocean is easy to navigate and, due to the high enough temperature, a wide variety of marine inhabitants live there.

The first thing you will probably notice in a warm ocean Minecraft, – a sandy surface dotted with sea ​​grass… Inside you will find sea cucumbers – colonies of small animals that live on the ocean floor and emit light. They do not grow or multiply naturally, but if you give them some bone meal, you can grow them quite efficiently. And this property makes sea cucumbers an excellent source of light, compost and lime color.

If you are lucky, you will also come across a coral reef that stands out for its vibrant colors and abundance of coral. Reefs grow on the seabed, making the ocean shallower. Inside the reef you will find coral blocks, coral fans, large quantities of sea grass and sea cucumbers.

Thanks to the great variety of plants, many species of living organisms can exist in warm oceans. Tropical fish come in thousands of color and pattern combinations. There is a puffer fish that I would advise you to stay away from. There are dolphins, they live in groups and love to play with boats. By swimming with them, you can learn some tricks that make it possible to swim faster for a limited amount of time.

In the real world, tropical oceans – and especially the coral reefs found there – are one of the richest ecosystems on our planet. Reefs only cover half a percent of the world’s ocean floor, but they support roughly 90% of all marine life. Without coral reefs, we would be in big trouble.

And this is actually bad news because over-fishing, agricultural chemicals, tourists, coastal development, and rising ocean temperatures from climate change are causing massive, irreparable damage to reefs around the world. If everything continues as it is now, then in the near future the reefs will completely disappear. And no matter how wonderful the reefs are Minecraft Bedrock, they will not be able to replace us with real reefs in the oceans of our planet.

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