EVO Shader V1.3 “A New Future”

EVO Shader V1.3 is an upgrade of Evo Shader 1.2, it has published in 2021 and would had brought “realistic looking” with realistic lighting, it’s had multiplex enhancements in plate and more interested in your Minecraft world. A little change compared to the previous version, we will update in detail in this post.

Cre: TRXDev (Twitter)

EVO Shader V1.3 Feature 

As Mcpe Addons had introduced above, EVO Shader will bring your MCPE to “realistic looking” with realistic lighting, it’s had multiplex enhancements in plate, also have directional lighting from-3D Pall without postponement and multiplex added.  

EVO Shader V1.3 – A new future for MCPE shader modding, a brand new shader in 2021 with new attributes, this includes new attributes like fbm darkness, realistic water crimpy, darkness shadow, new realisitc lighting, sun blaze, and beaucoup added. lighting colouring is grounded on SEUS V11 (PC) and some like SEUS RENEWED (PC), in opportunity this shader make a new feeling for mcpe it character. Don’t forget to read description, and enjoy the shader)

NOTE Shader only for Android & iOS, For now

Newest Performance EVO Shader V1.3 REV 60

The marker before canceled for performance reason ( just call it still in development marker). Some CANCELED Marker

  • Realistic Fog when Rain
  • Shadow and Water Atmospheric Fog
  • Raymarching Water Reflection


  • Sometimes when look at sky at 90 degrees, induce the world to turn into dusk cycles.
  • The crossbar is dark ( covered in shadow)
  • Stairs does n’t cast first lvl shadow
  • Sometimes it needs at least some new to reload shader per- regione.g when submerged, nether, end.
  • Rain still have strong shadow
  • Night Potion Does n’t Work
  • Nether will switch shader over special dark or bright area

EVO Shader V1.3 will have 5 settings, you can swtich it inside resource pack leaflet ( gear totem). Rigor is where the shader will maintain the undulatory and shadow or some settiings so when you play in long time or reopen the mcpe (not kill task), the shader will still in rigor without being pale, stutter or lose the quality. 

Check more Shaders are similar EVO Shader V1.3 to diversity your Minecraft World:


LOW most loftiest and optimized FPS, but immolate some attribute and closeness. LOW_STANDART same as standart but immolation closeness. Save FPS

STANDART a standart one, moderate performance and good closeness. EXTREME all stamp is on, good ultraprecision, but the slowest one. CUSTOM ( oversight) same as standart, you can edit the settings in “/resource_packs/” MY EVO SHADER”/ subpacks/ custom/ shaders/ glsl/ settings/settings.h”

there’s some setting that not mentioned, like ultraprecision and performance mode, probably you can tweak it on costum settings for the relaxed one. 



Please set MCPE brigtness to 0, lightness will have no effect on shader, it’ll effectuate bug if you set it more, just leave it to Notwithstanding, that mean the shader is n’t support for your device, if shader transparent or forceclose. However, pls comment or inform me in [email protected], if you encounter bug or crash.


Notwithstanding, please read the license inside shader, if you want replication whop my shader or do thing with it for public purpose.


In order to participate shader with other community or your friend, also I hope you all make the videotape for my shader, I’ll obligingly watch it)


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  • Fair All EVO SHADER V1.2 Affection
  • New Life Lighting
  • Shadow Animation on Leaves
  • Cloud Shadow for World
  • Optimial Vibrant Color
  • Living Torch Light Effect and Color
  • Realistic Fancy Optimized FBM Sky-Cloud
  • 2D Airplane Pall and Sky Reflection on Water
  • FancyPre-Raymarch Wavy on Water
  • Fancy Realistic Sun and Moon
  • Optimal darkness for night and grot
  • Atmospheric Ambience for Nether and The End
  • Under Water Lighting and Water Caustics Effect
  • Water Ripple when Rain (DISABLED, too respite, advance druggie only)
  • Realistic Patina for sky and shadow
  • Realistic sun and moon light blaze and scattering
  • Mob/ Player Lighting Direction
  • Discover More…
EVO Shader V1.3

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