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Do you require a highly effective and intriguing weapon? Then this addon is your fate. Because these addons are designed to be as insane as possible, and there are weapons that can destroy The End’s main island with just one skill.

EuForia Overpowered Weapons is an addon developed  with the goal of presenting a variety of crazy and lethal weapons for the purpose of entertainment.


 V.1.2 [COMING SOON] – 

New Weapons: Acid Rain Summoning Wand, Infinite Blow, Ice Walker. 

New Notification Skill: 

 V.1.1 – 

New Particles: Shinigami Scythe, Stone Age Sword, Shadow Knife, Dimension Cutter. 

New Weapons: Tornado Bow, Explosive Bow.

 V.1.0 – 

New Weapons: Hero’s Sword, Shinigami Scythe, Water Witch Wand, Earthquake Axe, Stone Age Sword, Inferno Sword, Shadow Knife, Dimension Cutter.

List of available weapons


1. Hero’s Sword

Anyone who wields this sword will be endowed with a number of eternal powers, and only one skill can destroy The End’s main island. The more entities there are, the more insane the impact of this sword will be.

2. Shinigami Scythe

Shinigami Scythe users have the ability to be invisible, as well as a deadly aura that can halt the movement of any entity using its unique skill.

3. Water Witch Wand

Has the ability to create a water-dimensional prison, thereby weakening the enemy and providing additional power to the weapon user.

4. Earthquake Axe (The Unique Skill still Broken)

This weapon is a magical tool capable of causing earthquakes by striking material that resonates with the ground.

5. Tornado Bow

The weapon’s one-of-a-kind ability is to create a massive whirlwind that can destroy anything in its path.

6. Stone Age Sword

This weapon can recreate the Stone Age; the more entities there are, the more powerful this weapon becomes.

7. Inferno Sword

Using a skill, this weapon can bring the hell dimension, specifically Lava, to the location of this weapon; the user of this weapon has immunity to fire and will teleport upwards.

8. Shadow Knife

The user of this weapon gains the benefit of extremely fast movement, as well as the ability to instantly blind the opponent. It will also summon shuriken towards the enemy.

9. Dimension Cutter

This weapon has the ability to divide dimensions, allowing any entity within a certain distance to be brought to the user, but it also has a teleportation effect, namely nausea.

10. Explosive Bow

This weapon can summon a powerful lightning bolt and has a lethal explosive effect up to a fairly long radius. By the way, no one should be able to withstand the attacks of this gun explosion, including players in creative mode.

11. Ice Walker

Ice Walker is a weapon that grants the user the ability to create a Packed Ice zone, allowing the user to use it for personal gain, such as running without a hitch.

12. Infinite Blow

Throw as many enemies as you can around you.

13. Acid Rain Summoning Wand

This weapon can cause acid rain, which can destroy dropped items and poison the entities affected by it.

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