Escape Card | Escape for Minecraft

Escape is a perfect mini-game with total tension for the brain. To pass it, you will need to make original, and sometimes even ridiculous decisions in Minecraft Bedrock.

What’s on the Escape map

First room |  Escape Card

The card itself consists of Minecraft Bedrock Edition from a dozen levels. All this is a huge mansion in the mini-game Escape, from which, as you already guessed, you need to escape. For example, in one of the rooms you will need to stand on an emerald block. In another, you will need to throw snowballs. And stuff like that.

Emerald Block |  Escape Card

Corridor on the map |  Escape Card

By the way, on map multiplayer works, so invite your friends to Minecraft PE play with you. The author asks for some rules to be followed to make Escape more enjoyable in MCPE:

  • do not use cheats;
  • increase the sound volume;
  • do not change the preset settings.

Courtyard |  Escape Card

Library |  Escape Card

Enjoy your passage!

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