Ender Awakening v1.0.1

Ender Awakening v1.0.1

Have you ever wanted to use an End Update to enlarge the End dimension? Ender Awakening introduces new End biomes, creatures, items, blocks, and more to make exploring the End dimension more fascinating!

Cre: iKorbon (Youtube, Twitter

Ender Awakening Feature

Ender Awakening improves the bland experience of exploring the dimension by adding new biomes, creatures, items, blocks, and more. From moist marshy biomes with enormous mushroom trees to deep woodland biomes, you’ll see it all. You’ll also come across new deadly creatures to make your adventure more difficult, as well as new blocks to construct with and new goods to acquire and utilize!

More features will be added in future updates!

Ender Awakening is currently in a BETA state, so you may encounter bugs and crashes.


May not work with other End addons that add biomes.

Planned Features:

RTX support

More plants and vegetation

More Food Items

New Mobs

New Blocks

New Structures

New Minerals

New Armor

New Items

New Weapon/s

New Mini-boss/boss

Known Issues:

Bucket of Jokle doesn’t place water in survival (Minecraft bug)

Bucket of Jokle doesn’t give player back bucket in survival (Minecraft bug)

Ori Blossoms cannot be placed on water by player

Chorus Water Leaves cannot be placed on water by player

Some structures and trees may get cut at chunk borders (Minecraft Bug)

Loading times for the end may be a bit longer than normal on weaker devices

Water may be incorrectly placed next to grass

Structures or trees may be incorrectly placed

Destroying some blocks like the Standing Void Torch in creative will result in only half of the torch being broken (Minecraft Bug)

Custom blocks are not mined faster with tools (Minecraft limitation)

Some blocks cannot be placed on top of water (Minecraft limitation)

Some addons Minecraft PE are similar to Ender Awakening Addon you can check in https://mcpeaddons.com: 


Depraved Wetlands

Biome with gigantic mushroom trees and degraded vegetation, similar to a swamp. If you don’t watch your step, you can get impaled by a phreyium spike.

Chorus Forest

The forest biome is densely forested, with ponds and colorful ferns strewn about.

Velvium Expanse

Water geysers, boulders, twisted vines, pink chorus trees, and void liquid pools abound in this flat, wide biome.



When the Blastling is approached, it will begin launching goo projectiles that will set mobs and players on fire. Blastlings in the area will grow hostile and attack as a result.

Velvium has spawned. Expanse biomes are biomes that cover a large area.

Ender Awakening


When the Watchling is seen, any surrounding Endermen will become hostile and attack. Because this process will continue every time the Watchling is examined, it is advisable to remove it first.

Chorus Forest biomes are where spawns.

Ender Awakening

Void Glider

Unless the player is wearing a carved pumpkin, the Void Glider will attack on sight. They can be mounted by interacting with a saddle while wearing a carved pumpkin and can be utilized to cross gaps between End islands.

Spawns in the biomes Velvium Expanse and Chorus Forest.

Ender Awakening

Endsect Swarm

The Endsect Swarm will attack players on sight, causing them to become poisoned. They spawn in big swarms and can be a nuisance, especially when traversing between islands, where you risk being thrown into the gap.

In the Depraved Wetlands biome, spawns.

Ender Awakening


It’s merely a brightly colored fish… It’s possible to kill it for food. In the end, it spawns in any water source.

Ender Awakening


Endship Crashed (3 biome variants)

What could have gone wrong? The elytra is missing, but there is a single chest with goodies inside.

Ruined End Shrine (3 biome variants)

Shulkers guard a shrine that has become overgrown over time and has an unknown purpose. In the center, there lies a solitary chest with loot; perhaps it is an offering to whom…?

Notable Blocks

Void Liquid

When a gooey liquid block is stepped on, it poisons and weakens mobs (excluding Blastlings).

Due to addon constraints, it does not flow like a normal liquid.

Phreyium Spikes

Spikes concealed in phreyium that will impale any mob that steps on them, dealing massive damage and causing poison.

It has the ability to destroy items that fall on it.

Ender Awakening

Notable Items

Eye of Shadows

When activated, the player will become invisible for 30 seconds while also gaining strength 3.

There is a cooldown on this ability and it can only be used four times before it breaks.

At the end of the game, you can find it in any treasure chest.

Changeable Fog & Particle Settings!

(Doesn’t work on Xbox, use the “No subpack” version instead!)

Ender Awakening


Thank you to Outbound Entertainment Studios for the Void Liquid texture!

Thank you to the beta testers in my Discord that reported bugs and gave feedback!



  • Viscosa and Preads will no longer give block shadows
  • included an important RP that fixes blocks that are taller than 16x16x16 for 1.18.10+
  • included the Xbox version BP into one file
  • added addon trailer to description
  • added an important installation note to post
Ender Awakening

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