Dragon Hunter House Map

Dragon Hunter House is a cool mansion in Minecraft for Android, which is located high in the mountains. In it, your hero will be able to find a permanent refuge among the inhospitable terrain on map.

Dragon Hunter House map features

Room furnishings |  Dragon Hunter House Map

Well, there is a Dragon Hunter House, now it remains to settle on map the dragons themselves. After all, unfortunately, in Minecraft he is found only one, and he lives in the Land. Fortunately, we have such a fit mod, which will come in handy. Now let’s go back to the house in Minecraft PE.

Workbenches |  Dragon Hunter House Map

Balcony |  Dragon Hunter House Map

Dragon Skulls |  Dragon Hunter House Map

It consists of several rooms. The house looks atmospheric and even a little gloomy – to match the dragon hunters. In the mansion you can find everything you need to survive in MCBE – several devices, racks for armor and all that jazz. The interior is a bit sparse – but those who hunt dragons don’t need luxury. Have a good game!

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