Downworld Orcs Mod | Nether Orcs for Minecraft

It is not difficult to guess where the monsters from Mod Nether Orcs in Minecraft for Android. The reward for your efforts will be unique armor that you can get in the game.

IN fashion The Nether Orcs have some not-so-great news. Mobs replace the usual piglins in Minecraft… As planned by the author, the orcs went to the Nether world Minecraft BEwhere all the piglins were wiped out. But, alas, they could not go back. Now they are forever imprisoned in another world and are very angry with this annoying fact.


  • Found in Crimson Woods and Wastes
  • Armed with swords and crossbows;
  • Much stronger than piglins.

Orc Berserker |  Downworld Orcs Mod


  • The golden ax represents their fury and strength;
  • Settled in the bastions MCPE, destroying the previous owners.

Orc zombie |  Downworld Orcs Mod

Zombie Orcs:

  • Monsters resurrected from the dead;
  • The most dangerous mob of the “trinity”.

Golden Orcish Armor |  Downworld Orcs Mod

Like piglins, mobs love gold. True, you cannot trade with them. The most effective defense against them will be golden orc armor. According to its characteristics, it is slightly worse than diamond or gold armor. However, against these mobs, she has exceptional protection. Have a good game!

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