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In Minecraft 1.17, which was called the cave and cliff update, several new creatures will be added at once, some of them will be quite peaceful and even useful, while others will be extremely dangerous and will attack you at every opportunity. Also in the update there will be new plants and even berries that can be eaten, but let’s talk about everything in order.

Biome Lush Caverns – IN DEVELOPING!!!

This is a new biome that will be located deep underground, to find it look for a new tree. After you find a new tree, just dig right under it and you can easily find a new biome.

As you enter the lush caves, you will see a large number of new plants, including Glowing Berries. This is a new kind of berries that can only be found in lush caves.

In addition to the fact that new berries will be waiting for you there, in the cave you can find spore flowers that will be on the ceiling and constantly release pollen.

We are also waiting for another new plant that will delight everyone who clicks to download Minecraft 1.17, namely the living steps. Yes, you understood everything correctly, now plants will appear in the game, on which you can walk, like on steps. If you stand on it for a long time, it will simply disappear.

Generation of new caves – IN DEVELOPING!!!

Now the game will have a new generation of caves, if earlier these were just not large passages that were often encountered in the process of searching for resources, now they will be separate worlds, with their own unique ecosystem and new creatures.

Now, going down into the cave, you can find not only valuable resources, but also huge rooms with high ceilings, underground waterfalls, lakes and rivers. Now you can even go boating underwater.

Caves with stalactites and stalagmites – IN DEVELOPING!!!

Yes, you heard right, now there will be new blocks in the caves, namely stalactites and stalagmites.

Stalactites – IN DEVELOPING!!!

A block that will whistle from the ceiling and, if you’re not careful, can fall on your head and cause a lot of damage. Also, water will constantly drip from them and, if necessary, you can collect it.

Stalagmites – IN DEVELOPING!!!

A block that will grow from the ground to the top and if you or a mob fall on them from a height, you will also receive damage.

If earlier the caves in the game were simple underground cavities, now it is a whole world that is fraught with untold treasures and mortal dangers. If earlier you went underground only to get resources, now you will have a whole adventure.

Amethysts – ALREADY ADDED !!!

Now, going underground in update 1.17 called mountains and caves, entering the caves themselves, be ready to meet a new block in the form of a crystal. This will be a fairly rare block that can only be found in new caves and can be used to create new items.

mob Varden – IN DEVELOPING!!!

If it seems to you that the caves in MCPE 1.17 have become an interesting and safe place, then this is far from the case. Every time you go down underground, the Wards will be waiting for you there. This is a new creature who spends his whole life underground and therefore, he is blind, but hears very well. If earlier mobs attacked you only when they saw you, Ward will attack you when he hears.

If you are careful enough and do not make the slightest rustle, then you can avoid meeting with him and pass by unnoticed.

New mountain biome – IN DEVELOPING!!!

As we mentioned earlier, after downloading Minecraft on Android 1.17 you will have the opportunity to visit not only the updated underground world, but also enjoy the new mountain biome. Now the mountains are not only a beautiful landscape and an obstacle in your path, but a fully-fledged biome with their animals and blocks.

Mountain goat – ALREADY ADDED !!!

Every time you enter this unique biome, mountain goats will be waiting for you on your way. Yes, you heard right, now a new aggressive animal will appear in the game, which can only be found in the mountains. If you pissed off a goat, he will gore you with horns with acceleration.

Loose snow – ALREADY ADDED !!!

As you may have noticed, now the mountains will be constantly covered with snow, but do not rejoice because snow can hide a lot of dangers. Now you may come across false snow that will hide settled or traps. If you step on it, you will instantly fall through and fall into a deadly crevice or trap.

In order to move through loose snow and not be afraid to be trapped in a death trap, where you can freeze to death, you should put on leather boots.

If you were not careful and fell into loose snow, then in a few seconds you will begin to freeze, and if you cannot get out and then you will simply die of hypothermia.

How to get Loose Snow?

Unfortunately or fortunately, the developers did not add a recipe for crafting this snow to the game and it will not work to create it with simple crafting. Even if you have already placed it on the ground with a bucket, you cannot get this block back.

To create blocks of snow, you need boilers, which should be placed in places where it snows and over time, after snowfalls, they will be filled with loose snow.

The speed of filling the boilers with loose snow will depend on how intense the snowfall is at the moment. If it is snowing normally now, this process will go very slowly, but if there will be heavy snowfall, then the receipt of loose snow will accelerate.

After the boilers are filled with blocks of loose snow, it can be collected with a bucket and already used for their own purposes when building traps and shelters.

Vibration block

In this update, the developers have added a new block to the game that will respond to vibrations, and can also interact with redstone and wool. This unit will react to any vibration and loud sound, and knows it is able to attract the attention of the Wards.

Copper – ALREADY ADDED !!!

Now in the game on a level with iron, you will find copper ore that can be smelted into copper blocks. This is a new resource that will be used in the future when crafting various items.

But you should know that if the copper blocks stay in an open space for a long time, they will begin to oxidize and turn green.

Lightning rod – ALREADY ADDED !!!

Thanks to the new copper material in the game, you will be able to create lightning rods that allow you to divert lightning. If you do not install this device on your home, but lightning can get into it and it will catch fire.

Spyglass – ALREADY ADDED !!!

Now a new item will appear in the game world, a telescope. Thanks to him, you can look at objects at a great distance, which will allow you to avoid a huge number of problems. A spyglass can be created using crystals, amethysts, which are found in caves.


With the release of the update, everyone who can download Minecraft PE 1.17 to their phone or tablet will be able to create bags. Thanks to this simple device, you can put things and blocks not only in your inventory, but also in bags, where they will take up much less space. It will also allow you to significantly improve the sorting and carrying of blocks, and your inventory will always be clean.

Now you do not need to store resources in stacks of 64 things, you can always put resources in bags, which have much larger capacity and allow you to store any resources in huge quantities, while they take up only 1 cell of inventory or a chest.

Archeology – IN DEVELOPING!!!

The developers from Majong added archeology to the game, because now each block can hide various artifacts in itself, and if you roughly extract the sides (for example, with a hand or a pickaxe), you will break an artifact and get only a block.

Thanks to this new tool, you can not destroy the entire block, but remove small layers from it, as archaeologists do, and find out who lived in this place hundreds and thousands of years ago.

Shards of pottery – IN DEVELOPING!!!

Every time you do archeology, you can get shards of pottery that can be transformed into different pottery. Thanks to this, you can get jugs from clay shards.

New axolotl mob (Salamander) – ALREADY ADDED !!!

This is a new creature that will live in underground reservoirs. Thanks to him, all the reservoirs that will be in fluffy caves will not be empty, but inhabited by these cute and harmless creatures.

You can also catch these creatures and release them into ordinary reservoirs, as well as make aquariums in which Salamanders will live for decorative purposes.

Also, these creatures can be tamed and all tamed creatures will swim behind you and protect you. Thanks to this, they will become excellent companions on underwater travel.

New mob Glowing Octopus – ALREADY ADDED !!!

This new creature will inhabit the seas and oceans at any depth, in this update it does not appear naturally, so it will only be possible to see it in creative mode. After death, a glowing ink pouch will appear in its place. This bag can be used to highlight the text on the signs, so that it would be better seen.

The Minecraft 1.17 update to the phone in the full version will only be released in the summer of 2021, but the developers have thrown every effort to ensure that this update comes out earlier. Since this release is considered the largest in the history of Minecraft on mobile devices, you should not expect this version to appear prematurely. Now you have the opportunity to play the early beta version, which contains most of the content, but at the moment cannot guarantee you stable work.

Review of the first BETA version 1.17


Version is BETA 1.17
The developer Mojang, Xbox Game Studios
Release year 2020
Supported OS Android 4.4+
Interface language Russian
file size 123 Mb

Latest build versions:,,

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