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Updated: 14-05-2021, 14:01
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If you have been waiting for the update of the lower world for a long time and you always wanted to spend more time there, then be sure to click download Minecraft 1.16 for Android Hell renewal and get a lot of new content. Links to download files at the end of the article.

New mob: Piglin

Piglin – this mob spawns only in the nether world and is very aggressive towards the player, provided that the player is not wearing gold armor. After downloading Minecraft 1.16, even if you are dressed in gold armor, but have opened a chest that contains any items made of gold or related to Piglin, you will be attacked.

Their main feature is that in spite of their aggression, you can carry out some semblance of trade. To do this, throw them a gold ingot, and they, in turn, will give you one random item.

  • Spawn in the nether world
  • Hostile to players if you are not wearing gold armor
  • Armed with golden swords or crossbows
  • It is possible to exchange items using a gold bar
  • Can appear in gold armor
  • Aggressive towards wither skeletons and adult Hoglings.


New mob: Hoglin

Hoglin– this creature will live exclusively in the lower world of MCPE and will be quite aggressive towards players. Players, in turn, can use it as food, since there are no other sources of power in Nether.

  • Spawn in the Nether
  • Aggressive
  • Can be diluted and eaten
  • Dropping raw beef


New mob: Strider NEW!

Loverka – this is a new friendly creature that will inhabit the lower world of Minecraft PE. Its main feature is the ability to move around the lava without any problems without taking damage. You can meet him at the location of lava lakes. In addition to being able to walk on lava, it can still be saddled.

  • Spawn on lava lakes in the nether world
  • Friendly
  • You can saddle
  • Are bred by distorted mushrooms

How to saddle the Lavomerka?

  1. Put on the saddle
  2. Sit down
  3. Use a fishing rod with a distorted mushroom to control


This is a brand new material that will become the toughest and rarest material in the game. yes you heard right, this material is stronger than diamonds and any object made from them. Netherite can be mined with a diamond pickaxe in the Nether, mined from ancient blocks.

The main feature of the nether is that it you can’t make items from scratch, but they can improve existing ones. Thus, by extracting and melting this material, you can improve your diamond armor.

Crafting recipes

  1. Collect Nether Blocks with a Diamond or Netherite Pickaxe in the Nether
  2. Put them in the oven and get scrap
  3. Place 4 netherite scrap and 4 gold ingots in the workbench for 1 ingot

Netherite properties

  1. Netherite items do not burn in lava
  2. Increases the durability of armor, weapons and diamond tools
  3. Can be used in a lighthouse
  4. The most durable material

Biomes and structures

In this update for Minecraft, the nether world will receive at least three new biomes, each with its own unique vegetation and terrain.

  • Valley of Soul Sand – This vast biome will contain a large amount of soul sand, soul soil, fossils, as well as blue fog and blue fire.

  • Red forest – it is a dense and impenetrable forest, entirely composed of trees made by blocks of hellish growth. The vines of the Nether will hang from these trees, and mushrooms can be found on the ground.

  • Blue forest – this is another variety of the Red Forest, but slightly modified.

In addition to new biomes, the world Nether unusual structures such as bastions and new trees that look more like mushrooms will appear.

  • Trees is a cross between mushrooms and plants that can be found in hell.
  • Speleothemes – these formations appeared as a result of the flow of basalata, which grow from floor to ceiling. You can meet them in the valleys of the sand of souls.

Bastions NEW!

In the MCPE update, the developers added a new fortress, which will be located in the lower world and guarded by Piglins. Here you will find a large number of useful items, most of which will be made of gold.


In the Minecraft Nether Update, 10 types of new blocks have been added, which can be found in mines, while others can only be obtained from various plants and trees. These ten blocks also include a new blue fire that can burn forever. Let’s take a look at the most important ones.

New blocks from the Nether update

  • Blue fire – has the same properties as the usual one, but you can get it only if you light a soul stone. It can burn forever if you light it on a hell stone.
  • Block target – when hit by an arrow, it will generate a redstone singal. The closer the arrow is to its center, the stronger the signal to the flesh up to 15 units.
  • Block of blue hellish growth – generated in the blue forest
  • The stem of a hellish outgrowth – the trees of the lower world are made of these blocks, they have a sinewy structure. They have 2 color variations, depending on the forest in which you found them.
  • Hell Grass – a block that resembles an ordinary turf, grows on the surface of a hellish stone and has two colors.
  • Soil shower – can be found in the Valley of Souls. If you light a fire on it, the color of the fire will be blue.
  • Basalt – all stalactites are generated from this block and can be found in the Valleys of Soul Sand.
  • Magnetite – a new block, after installing which, your compass will always point to it. NEW!
  • Piglin’s plate is a new turntable record found in the nether world NEW!
  • Twisting vines is a new plant that grows exclusively in nether. Has a very high growth rate. NEW!

Rebirth anchor NEW!

This is a new block that can be obtained by clicking download Minecraft 1.16, which will allow players to create an objection point in the nether world. Now you don’t have to build a new portal every time to get to the lower world after death. Thanks to this block, you yourself can set the place in which you want to be reborn after death.

Craft recipe

  • x6 Weeping obsidian
  • x3 Lightstone

How to use?

  1. Put the block on the ground
  2. Charge it with a lightstone (4 is required for a full charge)
  3. Tap it with your hand – it’s done !!!!
  4. Each revival will consume 1 charge

Wild piglin NEW!

This is a new creature that the developers have added to Minecraft, a link to which can be found under the “Full version of the game”. These creatures will live exclusively in the bastions. Unlike their fellows, the Piglins will attack you in any case, even if you are wearing gold armor. When meeting these mobs, you have only one chance to survive – to attack first.

Mountain goats NEW!

This is a new animal that was added for the test from the Caverns & Rocks update and can be seen in-game if you enable experimental game mode… This animal will be aggressive towards the player, and will also attack other creatures. His attack is a sharp dash towards the enemy and blow with horns, which will knock back the victim. Mountain goats in Minecraft on Android will temporarily inhabit only one biome for now.

Characteristics and features:

  • Temporary Habitat – Extreme Hills.
  • Move quickly in mountainous terrain and receive minor damage when falling.
  • They know how to jump.
  • They attack players and other animals.
  • Attack with horns and discard the victim.
  • Can drop a piece of horn.

Loose snow NEW!

A new block, which was also added for the test in the Minecraft update and will be available only in the creative mode inventory. You cannot get this block in survival mode yet. This block will behave like ordinary snow, and if there is space under it, then you can fall through it. Any entities in the MCPE will fall through it, provided that there are no blocks under it, but this does not apply to mountain goats.


  • Can pass any entity through itself (Except goats)
  • Leather boots hug movement on it
  • If you fell through the snow, then you will not receive damage.
  • Externally slightly different from regular snow

At the moment this is a new version of the game.


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