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Minecraft version 1.18 for Android is the second part of the update “Caves and Rocks“. The first one is already available on link… New features include: Watchman, new mountains, caves and biomes.

The release date is set for the end of 2021.

Generating the world

Changed caves, mountains and added ore veins.

Caverns now generate up to Y = -59… They consist of two types of stones:

  • Above Y = 0, a Stone is generated
  • At levels Y = 0 and Y = -7, both Stone and Abyssal Slate are generated
  • Below Y = -8, only Deep Shale appears
  • Ore and structures can spawn in Abyssal Shale and Tuff
  • The following does not appear in the deep shale layer: Earth, Andesite, Granite and Diorite
Depth levels

Features of the caves:

  • Biomes, ponds and aquifers are generated in caves
  • Aquifers below zero level can be generated with lava
  • Old caves will be improved and combined with new ones
  • Added Rifts – narrow but deep canyons
  • Added Noisy Caves of two types: Cheese Caves and Spaghetti Caves
    • The cheese caves contain tall stone pillars, ore and aquifers. The caves are large: you can fly on elytra
    • Spaghetti caves – long caves with aquifers
Features of the caves

The mountains

Updated the generation of mountains. Added mountain biome variations up to 256 blocks high:

  • Mountain meadows

    • Found at the foot of the mountains
    • Flowers, Bushes and Sweet Berries appear here
  • Mountain groves
    • Generated after Mountain Meadows
    • The surface is made of Snow
    • Fir trees grow
    • Rabbit habitat
  • Snowy slopes
    • The penultimate level of the mountain
    • Consist of different types of Snow and Ice
    • Goats spawn here
  • High peaks
    • Spawn when the surrounding biomes are warm
    • Covered in snow and ice
  • Snowy peaks
    • Generated if the surrounding biomes are cold
    • The upper part consists of: Normal and Loose snow, Normal and Dense ice
Mountain biomes

Also contributed many other changes into the mountains:

  • Increased the height of the world from 256 to 320 blocks
  • Added Iron, Coal and Emerald Ores to the mountains
  • Updated textures for all ore blocks
  • Mountains can be of different heights
Increased the height of the world and made the mountains higher.

Ore vein

Rare accumulation of ores and other blocks… Features:

  • Copper Ore and Granite will generate above Y = 0
  • Iron Ore and Tuff will generate below Y = 0
Ore vein

New biomes

Added underground biomes… Description below.
Lush caves

A new kind of caves with lots of vegetation… A large number of new blocks appear here:

  • Sporeflower
  • Moss Block and Mossy Cover
    • Using Bone Meal will grow vegetation on the Moss Block
    • Mossy carpet looks like Wool carpets
    • Mossy carpet can be crafted
    • If you need to break Moss Blocks, use the Hoe
  • Azalea and Blooming Azalea
    • Just a beautiful flower
    • Can be used in ovens as fuel
  • Cave vines
  • Glowing berries
  • Azalea foliage (regular and flowering)
  • Root ground
  • Hanging roots
  • Young hardwood
  • Large hardleaf

Biome features:

  • Axolotle spawn location
  • Clay ponds will appear
  • Part of the caves will be covered with Moss

For some blocks there is detailed information below.:

Added 9 Lush Caverns biome blocks.  Description of blocks.

Dark depths

Biome is generated underground… The Watchman spawns here. Interesting points:

  • Find here: Sculk block, Acoustic sensor and Candles
  • Deep shale is generated at a level from Y = -1 to -65
  • When the Watchman is near, the lighting dims
Dark depths

Karst cave

New biome with Drip Blocks and Drip Blocksthat form “stone icicles”. “Icicles” have their own names:

  • Stalactites – “icicles” at the top
  • Stalagmites – “icicles” from below
  • Stalagnates – “icicles” from top to bottom
Karst caves

They have there are features:

  • Instant damage
  • May fall on the player
  • Dripping water can be collected in the Cauldron
Types and features of a drip.  Image and parameters.

New mob: Watchman

Looks like a minotaur. Reacts to sounds and senses your fear… To survive, you need to sneak.

  • Spawns in the Grim Depths biome
  • Sees nothing
  • Focuses on sound
  • Attacks all mobs
  • The growths on the head pick up vibrations and begin to move and glow
  • Reacts to Snowballs, Arrows and Eggs
  • Detects invisible players
  • If attracted for a long time, will only follow the player
  • Strong damage: up to 30 units per hit
  • Player-like speed
  • Has a glowing core on the chest
    • Brightness depends on the environment
    • Emits a quiet sound
    • The frequency of sounds is accelerated when the Watchman spots a player
  • Has 84 or more health units
  • Height: about 3.5 blocks
Watchdog Features

Blocks and items

Added Sculk blocks for wireless circuits and Goat Horn… More details below:

Sculk blocks

Sculk Block

Block for the device of wireless circuits… Properties:

  • Generated in the Dark Depths
  • Got animated textures

Sculk Trap

Spawns in the Grim Depths biome.

  • Can be distinguished from Sculk Block and Sculk Chute by the top textures
  • Used in circuits
sculk trap

Sculk Chute

Bone-like block.

  • Generated in the Dark Depths
  • Used in circuits
  • Block lighting does not illuminate the space
Sculk Chute

Sculk Veins

Appear in layers like Snow… Features:

  • Placed in all directions
  • The player will be able to see the block under the Sculk Veins
  • Used in wireless circuits
Sculk Veins

Acoustic sensor

The new block allows you to build wireless circuits:

  • Spawns in the Grim Depths biome
  • Vibration Sensing Sensor
  • Generates signals
  • The sensor does not respond if the player walks on the Wool block
Main features and image of the acoustic sensor.

Goat horn

New goat item… Properties:

  • Spawns when the Goat rams a solid block
  • Has a raid start sound
Goat horn


Use a brush for the extraction of ceramic fragments… The shards can be placed on pots and burned. The fragments can depict:

  • Dragon of the Edge
  • Skeleton
  • Alex
  • Wood
  • Supporter
Archeology has been postponed until 2022. Details here.
Description of Archeology.

The article will be updated as updates are released.

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