Download Minecraft 1.17 for Android (Full)

Recently, at the presentation of “Minecraft Live 2020”, the developers said that they will soon be released full version Minecraft 1.17 and announced to the sea of ​​new content, changes and innovations for the game. I already wanted to download, right?

What’s new in Minecraft 1.17

Mujang was told a lot, but the most interesting thing is that it will be possible to test all the innovations of the Minecraft release on Android even before its release! How so? And everything is simple, new items will be introduced into the game in portions, in beta versions 1.16. So, let’s talk about everything in order!

Updated caves

Download Minecraft 1.17 for Android (Full) |  MCBE Caves & Cliffs Update

IN Minecraft on the phone New flooded and overgrown caves await you, filled with new structures, plants and mobs. Thanks to the new drip block, a new biome will appear in the cubic world – stalactite caves.

This is an amazing, beautiful, but at the same time dangerous place. Mineral formations will grow here – stalactites (on the ceiling), stalagmites (on the ground) and stalagnates (solid, from top to bottom).

Download Minecraft 1.17 for Android (Full) |  MCBE Caves & Cliffs Update

If you fall on the stalagmite, the character will receive damage, and if you substitute the container under the stalactite, you can collect lava or water, depending on what is in this cave. You need to be careful, because the growths at the top can fall on your head!

New mobs

In the full version, several creatures will be waiting for you. The developers have added both neutral and aggressive creatures to Minecraft 1.17, keep this in mind before you go to get acquainted!

Download Minecraft 1.17 for Android (Full) |  MCBE Caves & Cliffs Update

  • Glowing Octopus – will be found in the ocean and underwater caves. It glows to help you explore the darkest corners of the deep sea, and provides luminescent ink as a loot. You can craft various things from them, including illuminated frames and glowing text on the plates. Text can be made normal with simple ink, you just need to apply it over fluorescent ones.

Download Minecraft 1.17 for Android (Full) |  MCBE Caves & Cliffs Update

  • The Warden is a dangerous and extremely interesting opponent in Minecraft for tablet… This mob is found near new structures in caves, it has no eyesight, but it can boast of excellent hearing. Varden reacts to vibrations and sounds, and its peculiarity is that the faster the victim runs away, the higher his movement speed. Has damage of 30 units per hit and 84 hearts.

Download Minecraft 1.17 for Android (Full) |  MCBE Caves & Cliffs Update

  • Axolotl are cute fish that can help you explore the sea. Found in overgrown caves, they can be caught with a bucket and tamed. The full version will have Axolotls of different colors. If you tame a lot of these fish, they will be able to help in battle with any monster. When they lose their health, Axolotls pretend to be dead and at this time restore HP, and then attack again. They attack guards, all kinds of fish and drowned people.

Download Minecraft 1.17 for Android (Full) |  MCBE Caves & Cliffs Update

  • Goat is a new inhabitant of mountain biomes. They can jump high, overcoming any obstacles. If offended, the goats butt back. Suitable for breeding in Minecraft PE, they drop a horn, but only if they hit a tree.

New blocks and items

The release will add several types of ore and functional blocks, as well as expand recipes for creating items taking into account new resources.

Download Minecraft 1.17 for Android (Full) |  MCBE Caves & Cliffs Update

  • IN Minecraft 1.17 geodes and crystals from amethyst ore will be generated. Geodes are invulnerable, they cannot be broken, and they should be looked for in new structures underground. Will spawn in groups.
  • Shards are mined from amethyst crystals to create a telescope.

Download Minecraft 1.17 for Android (Full) |  MCBE Caves & Cliffs Update

  • The telescope is a new item in the full version, with its help it will be possible to look at long distances in the world of the game. Crafted from copper and amethyst shards.

Download Minecraft 1.17 for Android (Full) |  MCBE Caves & Cliffs Update

  • The new ore is copper. These blocks are distinguished by their ability to oxidize, if they are not coated with wax, then over time, a green bloom will appear on their surface and copper will turn into a patina.
  • Generated in groups, drops as a Copper Block, from which you can create a Copper Building Block for Minecraft BE.
  • A telescope and a lightning rod are made of copper.

Download Minecraft 1.17 for Android (Full) |  MCBE Caves & Cliffs Update

  • A lightning rod will allow you to catch lightning strikes and at the same time protect your home from a sudden fire in bad weather.
  • During a thunderstorm, it will generate a redstone signal when lightning strikes (for 0.4 sec) and catch discharges at a distance of 64 blocks.
  • Crafted from three copper blocks.
  • An acoustic sensor will appear, these are new blocks for building wireless circuits.
  • They can be found in the Deep Dark Biome, in the full version they will introduce several types – a sensor, a block, a gutter and a growth that looks like snow.
  • The acoustic sensor works like a sensor. It reacts to any movements, interactions with blocks and objects, creatures, sounds and vibrations.
  • When triggered, generates a redstone signal for 2 seconds.
  • The speed of work is 1 tick per 1 block.
  • You can deactivate the sensor with wool. To prevent it from firing, simply place a wool block on top of the acoustic sensor.

Download Minecraft 1.17 for Android (Full) |  MCBE Caves & Cliffs Update

Also, in the new version of Minecraft, which you can always download on our website for free and without ads, bags will appear. These are items for expanding the capacity of the game inventory. One bag holds up to 1 stack of blocks, so it is convenient to take them when you go after the loot.

Download Minecraft 1.17 for Android (Full) |  MCBE Caves & Cliffs Update

If you hover the cursor over the bag in the inventory, a tooltip will be displayed showing everything that is inside the bag. In the full version, you can transfer bags – just tie it up and give it to a friend. You can get things out of there at any time, there is no binding to a place or something else. I folded it, took it out, folded it again. Simple, convenient and useful, no need to download anymore fashion for Minecraft on Android to get these functions.

What plants will add in the release of Minecraft 1.17

The flora of the cubic world will be replenished with several interesting representatives. Some are already familiar to us, and this is just another variety, while others, such as azaleas, will be a real novelty in the release.

  • Snow berries – will serve as a source of light, and you can also have a snack with them during an outing.
  • Blooming spores are beautiful plants that give off particles.
  • Water lilies – now you can move on them, they will not fall into the water, this is such a new variety especially for release.
  • Azaleas are very beautiful flowering dwarf trees that will serve as an indicator of the presence of underground structures. I saw an azalea – dig down, there is definitely a cave.
  • Unknown Moss – that says it all, just another variation for the MCBE Caves & Cliffs Update.

Changes to mountains and structures

In the full version, we are waiting for a large-scale update of the mountains, which the developers have been talking about for several years. This entire biome will be thoroughly reworked, the rocks in the game will become more inaccessible and dangerous, mountain goats will appear there, and the snow will not be the same as below.

Download Minecraft 1.17 for Android (Full) |  MCBE Caves & Cliffs Update

  • Perhaps the so-called “loose snow” will be added. If you climb into such a snowdrift, the screen of your device will begin to be covered with frost, like a window in winter.
  • Outwardly, this snow will be different from the usual, individual textures and animation.
  • Goats will not step on such areas.
  • If a player steps on loose snow, it will be sucked inward like quicksand.
  • In order not to fail, wear leather boots.
  • When falling on loose snow, the player does not take damage.

The game will also have underground waters and will completely change the generation. Ores will not appear randomly, but in groups – it is easier to find deposits of the necessary blocks and extract in large portions.

By the way, you can test the Caves and Rocks update right now, in the latest beta versions.

Archeology in Minecraft Bedrock Edition 1.17

The update will introduce a new mechanic – archeology. It is not yet very clear how this will work in Minecraft and what it will give players, but the first innovations look promising.

Download Minecraft 1.17 for Android (Full) |  MCBE Caves & Cliffs Update

Excavation of ceramic shards will be available first. This will require a brush and a little patience. From such fragments, you can craft earthenware jugs, which are further burned and applied to them with different patterns. Now we know about such patterns:

  • The Dragon;
  • Supporter;
  • Skeleton;
  • Wood;
  • Alex.

Here is such a huge and interesting full version! You can download the Minecraft 1.17 release with all the improvements and innovations from the link on this page. Enjoy the news and share the link with your friends. Have a good game!

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