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At the event Minecraft Live 2020 the developers announced the update “Caves and Rocks“. The new version of Minecraft 1.17 can be downloaded at the end of the article. Read our review of the update.

The full version will be released in summer 2021. The first innovations can already be tested!

The cover of the Caves and Rocks update.

Lush caves

The biome has not yet been added to the game, but already added blocks from the future biome… For a complete list of blocks, check out your Creative Inventory:

  • Sporeflower
  • Moss Block and Mossy Cover
    • Using bone meal will grow vegetation on the Moss Block
    • Mossy carpet looks like regular wool carpets
    • Mossy carpet can be crafted
    • If you need to break moss blocks, use the Hoe
  • Azalea and Blooming Azalea
    • Just a beautiful flower
    • Can be used in ovens as fuel
  • Cave vines
  • Glowing berries
  • Azalea foliage (regular and flowering)
  • Root ground
  • Hanging roots
  • Young hardwood
  • Large hardleaf

For some blocks there is detailed information below..

Added 9 Lush Caverns biome blocks.  Description of blocks.

Lianas and berries

Added Cave Vines and Glowing Berries… We will write about them in more detail. Glow Berries grow on Cave Vines, or Cave Vines. Feature list:

  • Cave vines grow from top to bottom
  • Lianas can be used to grow Glowing Berries
  • Berries can be harvested without breaking the creeper block
  • You can get berries using bone meal
  • Lianas with glowing berries glows
  • You can climb the vines
  • Plant berries on the bottom edge of any solid block to grow vines
  • With the help of berries, foxes can be propagated and lured
  • Berries can be eaten
Description and features of Glowing Berries and Cave Vines.


Added Young and Big Hardleaf… This is the most unusual plant in the history of Minecraft:

  • Big Hardleaf can be stepped on
  • Keeps the player for only 1.5 seconds (30 ticks)
  • If you apply bone meal on Young Hardwood, Big
  • Each additional use of bone meal will increase Large Hardleaf
The big hard leaf can hold the player for 1.5 seconds.

Stalactite caves

New biome, in which the droppers form “stone icicles”. Damage when dropped. “Icicles” have their own names:

  • Stalactites – “icicles” at the top
  • Stalagmites – “icicles” from below
  • Stalagnates – “icicles” from top to bottom

They have there are features:

  • Instant damage
  • May fall on the player
  • Dripping water can be collected in the boiler
Types and features of a drip.  Image and parameters.

New generation of mountains

Updated the generation of mountains. Added mountain biome variations up to 256 blocks high:

  • High peaks
  • Snowy peaks
  • Snowy slopes
  • Mountain grove
  • Mountain meadows

Also contributed many other changes into the mountains:

  • Increased the height of the world from 256 to 320 blocks
  • Added iron, coal and emerald ores to the mountains
  • Updated textures for all ore blocks
  • Goats spawn on the Snow Slopes, and rabbits spawn in the Mountain Grove
Increased the height of the world and made the mountains higher.

Glowing Octopus

New mob – voting winner Minecraft Live 2020. Glows and spawns in the depths of the sea and underground caves. Drops pouches of glowing ink.

A glowing octopus has been added to the game.  Overview of the new mob.

Glowing ink

Allow create a backlit frame… To get it, combine the regular frame and new ink in the workbench.

  • Used to craft a glowing frame
  • Used to illuminate plates
  • The effect from the plate is removed with ordinary ink
  • The text on the plate can now be painted with dyes
Glowing ink has been added to the game.  Overview and methods of application.

Acoustic sensor

New blocks allow you to build wireless circuits… In the Deep Dark Biome you can find:

  • Sculk Block
  • Sculk Chute
  • Sculk Growth – A thin growth, like a layer of snow.
  • Acoustic sensor – a sensor that responds to vibration and generates a signal. The wool can drown out the sound, then the sensor will not respond.
Main features and image of the acoustic sensor.

New mob: Warden

Looks like a minotaur. Reacts to sounds and senses your fear… The faster you run, the faster it catches up. To survive, you need to sneak.

  • Focuses on sound
  • Strong damage: from 30 units per hit
  • Has 84 or more health units
  • Lives near a new structure
New mob Warden that reacts to sound.

Amethyst Geodes

This structure generated underground, usually below Y = 70. Amethysts and Calcites can be found here. It has three layers:

  • Smooth basalt outer layer
  • Calcite middle layer
  • Inner hollow layer of blooming amethyst, amethyst blocks and buds

Block Description:

  • Smooth basalt is a decorative block. Also mined by roasting common Basalt.
  • Calcite is a decorative block.
  • Blooming Amethyst is a block on which to grow amethysts.
  • Amethyst Block is a decorative block, crafted from 4 Amethyst shards.

All types of Violet Blocks have pleasant sounds when interacting.

Description and illustration of amethyst geodes.


Grows on either side of a blooming amethyst. Have 4 stages of growth:

  • Amethyst bud – first three stages.
  • The amethyst cluster is the fourth and final stage.

From the Violet Cluster drops 4 shards of amethyst… You need an iron pickaxe or better for mining.

Enchant your Luck Pickaxe and get more shards.

Description of amethysts.
Growth stages of amethysts.


New underwater mobwhich will spawn in water underground. Temporarily does not spawn naturally. Has a lot of cool features:

  • Loves tropical fish buckets
  • Cannot be tamed, but can be propagated by feeding fish
  • Will follow the player if he has a bucket of fish in his hands
  • Can walk on land, but only for a few minutes, otherwise dies
  • Attacks fish, octopuses, drowned men and guards
  • Comes in different colors, all spawn with the same chances
  • Exception: blue, rarely spawns when breeding
  • Knows how to pretend to be dead
  • Restores health when pretending
  • If a player kills a mob that was attacked by the Axolotl, Fatigue is removed from it and the effect of Regeneration is applied
  • Axolotl can be caught in a bucket
Description and features of the Axolotl.

Raw ore

Now breaking an ore block drops raw ore… It can be smelted into ingots. List of new ores:

  • Raw copper
  • Raw iron
  • Raw gold

Old ores will not disappear, they can also be smelted.

The extraction of these ores is now affected by the Luck enchant.

Description and types of raw ore.

Raw Ore Blocks

It is a compact way to store raw ore… Crafted from 9 units of raw ore.

Description and three types of raw ore blocks.


The developers have solved the problem of lack of space in the inventory and added bags.

  • Here you can fold up to 1 stack of blocks
  • The tooltip shows all the items inside
  • The bag can be tied and passed to a friend
  • Items can be removed at any time
A bag that holds up to a stack of items.

New resource: Copper

New ore will be generated underground.

  • Used to craft Telescope and Lightning Rod
  • Copper blocks can be crafted
  • Copper blocks become patina over time (turn green)
Copper ore and copper block.

Lightning rod

During a thunderstorm attracts lightning strikes and creates a redstone signal. Crafted from copper.

The lightning rod attracts lightning in a radius of 64 blocks.


Allows you to look at separated objects… For crafting you need:

  • 2 copper ingots
  • 1 Amethyst Shard
Spyglass illustration and craft.

New mob: Goat

To the mountain biome added Goat.

  • Jump high, overcoming obstacles
  • Butt and throw away
  • Can multiply
  • Drop the Horn if they crash into a tree
A new mob, Goat, has been added to the game.  She can butt and jump.

Loose snow

Snow in which you can drown… Temporarily available only in the Creative inventory.

  • No fall damage
  • Suck in the player and let them pass through themselves
  • Leather boots keep you from falling through
  • Goats are smart and avoid this snow.
  • The texture is different from regular snow
  • Frost appears on the screen if the player is inside
Added loose snow that you can drown in.

Tinted glass

This is glass that does not allow light to pass through… Mobs cannot see the player through it. For crafting you need:

  • 1 glass block
  • 4 shards of amethyst

Can be obtained without a Silk Touch pickaxe, unlike regular glass.

Description and craft of tinted glass.

Deep slate

New block that has 28 variants and spawns below level Y = 16 blocks… It is an alternative to stone.

  • Deep slate
  • Crushed slate
  • Crushed shale slab
  • Crushed Shale Ladder
  • Crushed slate wall
  • Polished slate
  • Polished slate slab
  • Polished slate staircase
  • Polished slate wall
  • Deep Slate Tile
  • Slate slab
  • Slate staircase
  • Tiled slate wall
  • Deep Slate Brick
  • Brick slate slab
  • Brick Slate Staircase
  • Slate wall
  • Deep Shale Lapis Lazuli Ore
  • Abyssal Shale Iron Ore
  • Abyssal Shale Gold Ore
  • Deep Shale Redstone Ore
  • Abyssal Shale Diamond Ore
  • Deep Shale Coal Ore
  • Abyssal Shale Emerald Ore
  • Abyssal Shale Copper Ore
  • Cracked Abyssal Slate Tile
  • Cracked Deep Slate Bricks
  • Chiseled Deep Slate
Description and all variants of deep shale.


For now this is a decorative block… Generated below Y = 16, can only be obtained with a pickaxe.

Decorative block tuff, generation area.


Use a brush for the extraction of ceramic fragments… The shards can be placed on pots and burned. The fragments can depict:

  • Dragon of the Edge
  • Skeleton
  • Alex
  • Wood
  • Supporter
Archeology has been postponed until 2022. Details here.
Description of Archeology.
Activate “Caves and Cliffs” in the map settings.

This is a test version. Make backup copies of the worlds.

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