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The developers have released a test version of Minecraft, but update not available on Android… In this version added potted Azalea variants, fixed 28 bugs and made 9 technical changes.

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Not available for Android

For technical reasons, this update is not available for Android devices… But the multiplayer is still compatible with the version

The release will be released on Tuesday June 8th. There will be no problems with Android.

Potted azalea

In Game added options for Plain and Blooming Azalea in a pot.

Bug fixes

Fixed 28 bugs… We have highlighted the main:

  • Fixed a bug due to which the game would crash when destroying a block
  • Fixed generation of diamond ore
  • Glowing lichen now only drops when using scissors
  • Frozen ice can be specified using the commands
  • Text on glowing signs now has an outline, just like in Java
  • Fixed bugs with Glowing Ink Pouch
  • Player can no longer paint text on signs in Adventure Mode
  • Underwater fog is biome dependent again
  • Villagers now always harvest pumpkin regardless of direction
  • Goats can now ram the player on slime and honey blocks
  • Fall damage reduction for goat is now the same as in Java
  • Zimogor no longer drops Wither Skeleton Skull if killed with Charged Creeper
  • Bastion mining is now Java compliant
  • Fixed a bug due to which the player could float in the air
Fixed bugs and errors.

Technical changes

Developers made 9 technical changes… They are mainly related to the development of add-ons and testing the game. More details can be found in official changelog.

Made technical changes.
Don’t forget about Caves and Rocks. Activate “Caves and Cliffs” in the map settings.

This is a test version. Make backup copies of the worlds.

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