Download Minecraft for Android (Test version)

As in the previous several times, in the test version Minecraft changes and fixes await you. No novelties, alas, are provided. Download the beta for free, and while it is downloading, find out about all the metamorphoses in the client.

Changes in Minecraft PE

Download Minecraft for Android (Test version)

In experimental possibilities Minecraft PE there have been some changes and improvements:

  • Minecarts with chests will spawn in the updated caves below the level of the world
  • Spawned structures will be more hidden
  • Fixed the Shulker teleportation bug.

Here are the fixes the developers have prepared for Minecraft for Android:

  • Fixed a bug where axolotls pretended to be dead on land
  • Fixed a bug with freezing skeletons – they have immunity, and after 45 seconds, they will turn into zymogors
  • Fixed bugs in finding paths for mobs through loose snow
  • Powdered Snow Blocks Stopped Supporting Scaffolding
  • When harvested with a silk touch, azalea leaves will always drop
  • Fixed the creation and processing of copper blocks
  • Updated textures for raw ore
  • Improved textures for compasses and clocks
  • Fixed audio bugs when removing wax from copper blocks
  • Added sounds for octopuses when selecting ink on Android
  • Fixed a bug with enlarging items when using a telescope
  • Added admiration for raw gold ore to piglins
  • The spyglass was moved to the equipment section Minecraft BE in creativity
  • Fixed scaling of the cursor when using a gamepad
  • Fixed reassignment of the “E” key on Windows 10
  • Fixed the effect of CommandBlocksEnabled game rules on minecarts with a command block
  • Corrected the console command / kick.

Have a good game!

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