Download Minecraft for Android (Test version)

The developers have again taken up the improvement of the caves in Minecraft – some interesting new products have appeared. Several causes of crashes have also been fixed. You can download the beta version from the link below.

New in Minecraft PE

Download Minecraft for Android (Test version)

Beta Minecraft PE made a few key changes for the caves:

  • Caves with different generation appeared
  • Ores will be generated based on the updated vertical dimension MKPE
  • When in caves underwater, it will now have a better view of the surroundings
  • Each of the caves may have its own water height
  • Made some changes for mines.

There are several fixes in the Minecraft test client:

  • Extra pixels are no longer rendered on skins in the character creation menu
  • Fixed a crash when switching between items in hero creation
  • Fixed a critical bug in Minecraft PE when generating some biomes when experimental features have been activated
  • Fixed a crash while treating zombie residents who were in the Nether
  • Fixed periodic freezes.

Have a good game!

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