Download Minecraft for Android (Test version)

The previous beta, as usual, was not very stable. That is why they hurried up in Mojang and released a fresh test version. Minecraft you can download on our website.

New in Minecraft PE

Download Minecraft for Android (Test version)

In the new Minecraft PE there are few fixes:

  • fixed sounds of loose snow;
  • fixed the problems with extinguishing the fire with this very snow;
  • removed the block of “powder” snow from the creative mode;
  • in Minecraft BE made a fix for the tridents on the drowned;
  • the “find friends” button was activated on the X-Box;
  • made a fix of Claudia and Mouse in Minecraft for Windows 10 – the problem was hidden in vertical sync;
  • Narrator has been fixed again.

In addition, there are several technical fixes in Minecraft for Android:

  • renamed some objects;
  • made improvements to the GameTest mode;
  • made some fixes suitable for creators mods.

Have a good game!

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