Download Minecraft for Android (Test version)

Beta version Minecraft will surely upset a lot of players, as she temporarily lost a number of elements that were added in the previous test update.

New Beta Minecraft PE notable for the fact that the luminous octopuses were temporarily removed in it, as well as all new items – glowing ink and frames. All this caused the players to Minecraft PE too many crashes. The developers have promised to return everything to its place in the near future.

Download Minecraft for Android (Test version) - dungeon

For your cards this means the following:

  • items from the update will disappear from chests;
  • repainted plates will turn black by default;
  • octopus spawn eggs and glowing frames will disappear.

In Minecraft for Android, several major bug fixes were made:

  • fixed problems with the editor skin;
  • fixed departure from MCBE when using plates;
  • solved the problem of a critical error when loading the structural block and acoustic sensor;
  • made the update of screens in the multiplayer correct;
  • added to Minecraft for Android new achievement screen (except for PS4, it is there already);
  • added a new section Gametest, as well as a command of the same name – / gametest.

Download Minecraft for Android (Test version) - dungeon

It will appear in your experimental gameplay options. Have a good game!

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