Download Minecraft for Android (Test version)

The developers continue to introduce the announced novelties, and next in line we have Minecraft, in which a glowing octopus appeared. But, about everything in order, and not right away. In the meantime, you will download it, read about everything more closely.

Download Minecraft for Android (Test version)

Let’s look at the key fixes in Minecraft PE

  • eliminated the crash that occurred when exiting the game;
  • fixed the display of effects on minecarts;
  • fixed the bug of getting achievement, which happened in MCPE when crafting a bed;
  • made a preview fix skins when using a controller;
  • fixed fog displays in the Nether world;
  • Synchronization has been fixed on X-Box consoles kart with cloud storage;
  • fixed animation problems;
  • solved interface problems as well as scrolling;
  • Fixed issues with text-to-speech conversion.

Also, ray tracing in MCBE became available on a “permanent basis” on Windows 10!

The test version of Minecraft Caves & Cliffs Update boasts a new creature – a glowing octopus! So far, they do not appear in Minecraft Bedrock in survival mode, they can be spawned with a spawn egg (found in the creative inventory). Moreover:

  • glowing ink appeared;
  • added glowing frames (use new ink on regular frames);
  • glowing ink drops after death.

Click “download” and enjoy the new beta on Android!

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