Download Minecraft for Android (Test version)

It’s time for another update – the developers continue to add to the announced blocks and items. Download soon Minecraft check out all the new beta goodies.

New in Minecraft PE

Download Minecraft for Android (Test version)

Now in the generation of rocks you can meet copper ore, it was added to Minecraft BE… From it you can do:

  • Ingots;
  • Steps;
  • Tiles;
  • Solid blocks;
  • Carved blocks.

They have some peculiarities. For example, they will oxidize under sediment. In total, there are 4 variations of patina textures.

IN Minecraft for Android added a lightning rod.

Download Minecraft for Android (Test version)

It can be crafted in Minecraft Bedrock Edition from several copper ingots. Here’s what it gives:

  • Interact with lightning;
  • If lightning strikes at a distance of 64 blocks, then the lightning rod will receive it;
  • A lightning strike on a lightning rod fully charges the redstone signal.

Bug fixes in Minecraft

In the new test version Minecraft there are not only new items, but also fixes:

  • Made the transition of animation to the user interface much smoother;
  • Improved stability;
  • Fixed interaction with chests after entering the / clone command;
  • Fixed excessive damage from shulker;
  • Smelting Netherite now gives the hero experience;
  • Fixed the problem with the attack of targets by mobs that were above them;
  • Changed the name of the redstone;
  • Fixed a small bug with displaying the durability of the item;
  • Fixed blocks of structures;
  • Eliminated the reason for departure from Minecraft after entering the teleportation command from the structure.

Have a good game!

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