Download Minecraft for Android (Test version)

For sure, many were waiting for a full update with new items. The expansion of the functionality of the future mastab update continues Caves and Cliffs and now the developers are ready to show in the version Minecraft two important components are the new Sculk Sensor block and the Dripstone resource.

Download Minecraft for Android (Test version)

Features of the MCPE update

In the new test version, several interesting blocks from the update of caves and rocks were added at once:

  • acoustic sensor;
  • drip.

Download Minecraft for Android (Test version)

With the help of the sensor, you can now create unimaginable mechanisms in the MCPE, because the block has unique properties:

  • can react to nearby vibrations;
  • vibration is caught at a speed of 1 tick for 1 block;
  • can only receive one signal at a time;
  • you can create a signal for a red stone either for 40 game ticks, or for 2 minutes;
  • the signal reception radius is 8 blocks.

The block can react to:

  • Steps;
  • run;
  • destruction and installation of blocks;
  • falling objects and projectiles;
  • flight on elytra;
  • swimming.

Stops working if the player sneaks, as well as on other acoustic sensors.

Download Minecraft for Android (Test version)

The Drip Block is a stone icicle in Minecraft Bedrock Edition that spawns in caves. It can be used to create stalactites, stalagmites and stalagnates. At the moment, the block is only available in the creative inventory. However, very soon he will appear in the survival mode.

The drip also has a couple of interesting nuances:

  • falling block of stalactite can cause damage;
  • falling on the block of the stalagmite, the hero can also be hurt;
  • by dripping drops from the stalactite, one can understand that above is water or lava.

Be careful when using the block! It is still “damp”, so bugs may appear.

Download Minecraft for Android (Test version)

Also, in the test version MCPE fixed a lot of bugs:

  • there are technical fixes;
  • bug fixes in console commands;
  • fixed templates;
  • fixed a bug with fox domestication – did not eat berries;
  • fixed the achievement of the “pork chop” achievement.

Before starting Minecraft, activate the Caves and Cliffs parameter in the world settings. The update may still contain bugs, since this is a beta version, so be prepared for this. If you can put up with certain problems for the sake of testing new items before the rest – then download the update Minecraft for Android at the link below.

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