Download Minecraft for Android (Test version)

New Year’s holidays are getting closer and the developers have released a new beta version of Minecraft, where the main emphasis is on changing and expanding the functionality of snow blocks. A lot of work has been done to ensure that the unit has logical physical parameters and the interaction with it coincides with the real abilities of loose snow.

Snow in Minecraft

The functionality of snow in Minecraft has really moved to a qualitatively new level. The changelog contains both visual and mechanical improvements. And they did the following:

  • Objects and mobs gradually freeze while in the snow and at the same time the user gets frost on the screen as an indicator of the degree of freezing
  • Mobs and characters stop freezing if they light up, which is quite logical
  • Also, burning objects go out if hit and loose snow in the same way as when interacting with water
  • Added a command that will allow you to disable the damage dealt in Minecraft for Android during freezing / gamerule freezedamage false
  • Fixed movement on loose snow – heavy mobs fall through, but can still move although much slower than usual, and light mobs do not fall through at all and move as if on a solid surface
  • Corrected the third person view when the player is caught in loose snow
  • Snow blocks can no longer stop projectiles, but they also do not inflict damage if someone falls on them from a high enough height
  • Improved artificial intelligence of goats – they try to avoid falling into loose snow, as they can fall into it
  • Added new sounds for moving through loose snow
  • Fixed transition between loose snow blocks and adjacent blocks, textures which sometimes became transparent.

Download Minecraft for Android (Test version)

Fixes look unusual and will be useful in winter and winter locations. But the new beta version cannot boast of snow alone. There are other important improvements as well.

Improvements in Minecraft

Updated sounds and mechanics in the underworld. Many edits from Minecraft 1.16.200 are now also present in the beta game. It is important that now the Shulker boxes are working out for sure and are not buggy. We also fixed the hotkey for switching to full screen mode when pressing F11, which is useful for Windows 10. In addition, we added a directory with fog, which will expand the graphical features of the game.

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