Download Minecraft for Android (Test version)

Minecraft release continues the tradition of bringing the mobile game client closer to the PC version, but Vanilla Parity is not the main target of the developers this time. The main focus was on the experimental Caves and Cliffs mode, with the elimination of all sorts of bugs associated with its implementation.

What has been fixed in Minecraft

Considering the recent release of Minecraft 1.16.200, it’s surprising that the development team was able to add so many new things to Minecraft Many fixes relate to the logic of the behavior of the new Goat mob and there are three dozen of them at once.

Each edit is important, but some of them are more noticeable and you can see the following changes if you decide to download the Minecraft update for Android:

  • The goats have stopped trying to ram targets outside the fence.
  • The mob no longer has problems with moving around the blocks in case of finding a pair
  • Goats stopped jumping on magma
  • Slabs and stairs are no longer an insurmountable obstacle for goats, like other half-blocks in Minecraft
  • Fixed a possible crash if a shulker kills a goat
  • The problem with the interaction between the goats for the purpose of reproduction was eliminated
  • Corrected the behavior of goats that the player leads on a leash
  • Goats can now only give birth to one calf at a time
  • Goats stopped attacking armor stands
  • Fixed the behavior of creepers after interacting with a goat
  • Finally, these mobs were taught to correctly estimate the distance to the target during the jump.
  • Fixed the height of possible high jumps for goats
  • From a killed goat mob, you can now only get 2 horns, which is logical
  • Fixed attack of a goat by ramming stationary characters
  • Baby goats now jump less distance
  • We worked out the mechanics of the ramming attack and the physics of interaction at this moment with the target and its behavior after the ramming
  • Updated spawn eggs for goat mob
  • Improved goat model, namely head rotation
  • Fixed interaction between goat and honey
  • Fixed bug of goat passing through grass and flowers
  • Snow block got animation when destroyed
  • Removed the transparency of the snow block when looking at it through the cloud

Download Minecraft for Android (Test version)

Additional edits in Minecraft

There are quite a few fixes related to the goat mob and snow cover, but there are also other improvements.

  • Noticed outdated loading screen hints
  • Fixed bug with parrots flying to infinity
  • Zombie villagers now have the correct behavior and are able to transform into normal villagers after being healed
  • Horses, donkeys, mules, skeletons and zombie horses can now be properly named
  • Fixed the graphical display of the map over translucent objects
  • Fixed the type of fish we look at through the water

Download the new beta version if you are not afraid of possible bugs. Test releases always contain the latest developments from the authors of the game and you will be aware of all current events. Do not forget to create a backup before downloading and installing Minecraft

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