Download Minecraft for Android (Test version)

The planned release of Minecraft introduces a number of changes to the game world and brings closer the moment of complete parity of versions of the game for different platforms. First of all, the developers hastened to fix a number of previously found errors and change the design of the achievements screen. Let’s take a closer look at what has been done.

Fixes in Minecraft

In order for the sounds to again fill the hellish world of the dungeon in Minecraft, a special pack of sounds has been added to the marketplace, which will need to be downloaded after the game is updated. After applying it, you will again be able to hear everything that happens in the Lower World.

Download Minecraft for Android (Test version)

The team worked quite well on the achievements screen – they re-issued the received reward cards, as well as those that have yet to be opened, fixed some small errors in the display and addition of achievements.

It is also worth noting the increased stability of the game in online mode. There were two annoying problems previously observed:

  • lack of connectivity to servers with limited visibility;
  • the occurrence of an error when reconnecting to those servers where there were some problems with access to the Internet.

Now these annoying problems will not be due to the new version. Minecraft for Android.

The beta version also has a number of subtle fixes, which should make the game more resistant to all sorts of errors.

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