Download Minecraft 1.16.201 (Full) for Android

There are not so many edits in Minecraft 1.16.201 for Android, but some of them are very important for the correct operation of the game on some platforms. Only five main fixes from the developer.

Fixes in Minecraft 1.16.201

Game stability has always been a priority for Mojang and therefore should have been expected to release as soon as possible after numerous player issues with the previous full version. The update is primarily worth downloading for those who play on devices running Windows 10, because annoying crashes have been fixed.

Other edits include the following:

  • Fixed crashes in the game due to double chests placed on the border of blocks
  • Fixed a bug related to Shulker boxes, in which items were missing
  • Fixed the visibility of menu buttons on devices with old AMD graphics cards
  • Fixed crash bug Minecraft 1.16 for Android during a little pause

These fixes should address the bulk of the post-release complaints. Now you can safely update.

Download Minecraft 1.16.201

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