Download Minecraft for Android (Test version)

Those who are in a hurry to download the new beta version of Minecraft for Android, you should know what fixes it carries. In truth, there are very few of them: 6 pieces.

Performance and stability fixes

Not much has been done in this area of ​​work, 3 fixes have been made:

  • Increased the speed of building terrain when flying on elytra.

  • Now you can safely use the workbench in creative mode!

  • Modified Data Managed Blocks will no longer refill memory and cause Minecraft to crash or freeze.

Technical fixes

There are also only 3 fixes here:

  • Corrected the number of errors when using blocks with managed data.
  • Fixed some problems with copying data on servers.
  • Fixed the use of controlled data for UV (ultraviolet) rays.

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