Download Minecraft 1.16.100 for Android (Full version)

In full version Minecraft 1.16.100 over a hundred fixes, new blocks, features and items await you. Scroll down to download the new version and see the detailed patch notes along the way.

Conventionally, all the innovations of the new full version of Minecraft 1.16.100 can be divided into several main categories:

Innovations in Minecraft PE 1.16.100

The first thing players will notice when they install the update Minecraft for Android, this is a redesigned design and icons on the achievement screen. This is just the beginning of the pleasantries. Get achievements in the game, and unlock new items to create characters.

The creators of custom mods, as well as ordinary players, will also be able to appreciate all the possibilities of the new engine. For this, several experimental switches have been added to Minecraft for testing.

The loading screen will surprise you too, now there is a brand new Mojang Studios logo, all Android users can see it.

Changes in vanilla parity in Minecraft 1.16.100

  • When sea turtles lay their eggs, a sound will be played in the game.
  • Drying dolphins on land has been razed to the PC, now it’s 120 seconds.
  • Fixed an issue with repairs, undamaged items no longer cause the process to crash.
  • In the full version, basalt cannot be destroyed by Gast’s fireballs.
  • Increased the strength of basalt blocks.
  • Fixed the activation of explosives due to the installation of a torch.
  • Experience Orbs can be found in water.
  • Fixed the movement of netherite in lava.
  • Fixed a bug with netherite armor, which was damaged on contact with lava blocks.
  • Discounts from achievement merchants like the Hero of the Village are now consistent with the Java Edition.
  • Added sounds for ghost wings in Minecraft to the phone.
  • The maximum extension of the pistons has been fixed.
  • Blackstone can now be used to create brewing racks in Minecraft 1.16.100.
  • If you kill a fish with fire, you will receive a ready-made fish as a loot.
  • Added the ability to horizontally align chains when placing.
  • Adjusted the generation of the floor and ceiling to match the PC version of the game.
  • Corresponding ceilings have been added to the basalt deltas and sand shower valleys.
  • When zombifying mobs, their inventory is saved.
  • For killing Tough Piglin, players will receive twice as much experience as before – 20 instead of 10.
  • If you meet a Strider with passengers in the world of the game, you can lure them with mushrooms.
  • Twisted Mushrooms can be found in the Crimson Woods.
  • When trading with Piglins, you can get Nether Bricks in exchange.
  • After killing the Hoglins and Zoglins babies, you can get a drop.
  • Changed the model of the Zoglins babies, now they have big and cute heads.
  • Wither Skeletons will automatically attack Piglins, including the Hard ones.
  • With the anchor of Rebirth, you can scare away Hoglino, when they see him they will run away.
  • In the update, Nether plants are now compostable.
  • Zoglins are now healed if they are poisoned, but healing, on the contrary, takes HP away from them.
  • Pistons are now crafted from Nether wood.
  • Reduced the damage dealt by the Hoglin Babies’ attacks.
  • Fixed spawning of Piglins for low difficulty.
  • If you destroy the Bonfire of Souls in Minecraft 1.16.100, you will not receive coal, but the Soil of Souls.
  • Now the Speed ​​enchantment can only be found in Bastions.

Download Minecraft 1.16.100 for Android (Full) |  Minecraft release

Other fixes in Minecraft PE 1.16.100

In total, the new version received 124 fixes, for you we have collected the main ones and divided them into categories. So, what did the developers fix in the full version of Minecraft PE 1.16.100?


  • removed the main bugs causing crashes and crashes;
  • fixed a crash bug when opening Shulker’s Crates;
  • fixed the problem with connecting to the world while the character is sleeping;
  • Improved gameplay stability in Nintendo Switch multiplayer
  • fixed bugs with tags on the Ender Dragon;
  • Fixed crashes due to the connection of a stunned user;
  • added fixes to a split-screen game for two;
  • optimized chunk loading;
  • increased the speed of signal transmission in MCPE;
  • added improved joystick controls while crafting;
  • crafting of stone tools starts from the base block, now it is a cobblestone;
  • fixed moving items to the crafting grid after selecting a recipe;
  • also fixed the removal of the prescription when flipping.

General fixes:

  • Xbox users will no longer face the problem of disappearing saved worlds;
  • returned the achievements “Mayakovsky”, “Shooter” and “Superfuel”;
  • removed invisible skins.

In addition, 18 user interface fixes were also added to the game. Basically, these are edits of text formats, icon shifts and button operations.

Gameplay changes in Minecraft 1.16.100

The gameplay in the MCPE has also undergone many changes. The full version will not only expand the capabilities of players, but also fix a number of known issues.

  • Fixed an issue with using a fishing rod near mobs.
  • Fixed a bug with custom minecart names, after destruction they will remain unchanged.
  • The generation of empty worlds on PS4 has been fixed.
  • Fixed the generation of loot chests.
  • Berry bushes again deal thorn damage to both mobs and players.
  • If you kill a mob in the armor of their bow, crossbow or other long-range weapon, then his armor will drop in Minecraft.
  • The professions of civilians have been fixed.
  • If you place a hive with bees in the Nether or the Land, they will be able to leave it.
  • Removed damage from berry bushes when foxes fall.
  • Vexes received fixed animations.
  • If a thunderstorm starts during the day, monsters will spawn in the game.
  • Fixed Ifrit toggling depending on the distance to the target.
  • If the nearest player is 32 blocks or less, the mobs will reset the idle timer.
  • When clipping a Snow Golem, you can get a pumpkin.
  • Fixed a bug with the movement of dolphins and turtles to the water on land.
  • Fixed the movement of minecarts by mobs inside them.
  • The increase in the level of civilians has been fixed.
  • Mobs will now look for a way out of the lava.
  • Farmers can harvest again.
  • Slugs can now spawn in chunks of slime inside frozen biomes.
  • Returned the ability to tame baby mobs.
  • Player-controlled Striders now jump onto magma blocks and half blocks.
  • Blocks of air are now needed for the bees to fly freely out of the hive.

Download Minecraft 1.16.100 for Android (Full) |  Minecraft release

Fixes in blocks and items in the full version of Minecraft 1.16.100 on Android

Blocks and items in the game got no less fixes.

  • Fixed the connection of walls when loading the game world.
  • Fixed the passage of water through the columns of bubbles.
  • Fixed a bug with walls converting from the console version.
  • Blackstone walls now properly connect to gates.
  • The error with the activation of the block placed on the target has been fixed.
  • Made edits to textures hives.
  • Blocking honey or slime no longer causes the texture of lava or water to disappear.
  • Portals to the Land again work correctly in Minecraft on a tablet.
  • Growing cocoa beans is now available on all types of jungle wood.
  • Fixed the generation of grass in a limited area.
  • Brown and Red Mushrooms can now be grown into Giant Mushrooms on Nylium.
  • Fixed an issue with the placement of the rails along the X axis and subsequent powering.
  • A bug with observer textures has been fixed.
  • Fixed bugs with pistons.
  • Fixed generation of podzol near firs.
  • Fixed a bug with the disappearing Dragon Egg when placing it on a pedestal or reviving Ender.
  • Fixed a bug with spawning hives without a tree, which occurred when growing seedlings.
  • Added destruction of blocks when falling from a great height.
  • Fixed the compass in the boat.
  • We also made changes to the functioning of custom compass names.
  • Fixed the work of enchantments on compasses, including the “Curse of Loss” spell.
  • Fixed a bug with enchanted boots that could not be removed after a breakdown.
  • Adjusted the damage value for items that were crafted before version 1.13.
  • The map now displays the correct block colors.
  • There is no glitch after activating an Armor Stand with Armor in hand.
  • On the loom, you can again create a banner with the words “Something”.
  • Fixed the effects of the immortality totem.
  • The experience spheres will now be bright regardless of the ambient light.
  • Added the ability to craft patterns for flags in a 2×2 grid.
  • During the raid, you can knock out iron picks from mobs.
  • Added the ability to use spawn eggs on underwater spawners.
  • The animation of dropped items has been fixed.
  • Item stacks no longer become invisible.

Download Minecraft 1.16.100 for Android (Full) |  Minecraft release

Also added some fixes to Realms.

  • Fixed a crash when loading worlds.
  • We fixed the work of the subscriptions section in the control menu.
  • Realms Plus content will be available to users of all platforms in the full version of Minecraft 1.16.100.
  • Added detailed messages about the reasons for the failure.

Fixes graphics and audio in Minecraft 1.16.100

  • The background graphics in the game are now displayed without errors.
  • Returned normal animation of breaking bamboo blocks.
  • For Win10 users, the glass animation has been fixed.
  • Added a black border for the “Chat and Team” button.
  • Fixed disabling music in water.
  • The bugle will sound quieter during the raid.

Download Minecraft 1.16.100 for Android (Full) |  Minecraft release

Tweaks for modders and map makers

  • Fixed the / fill command to fill space with portal blocks.
  • Adjusted the text and background for the title team.
  • Fixed the / schedule command.
  • An overload was added to the / schedule on_area_loaded command with tracking the circular area, center and radius.
  • The / schedule command now takes into account which dimension it is queued in.
  • The full version added updated templates for all items up to version 1.16.100, including resources, behavior and documentation for download.

Changes for console commands:

  • / structure now makes it possible to save and load settings, without taking into account structural blocks, as well as animate the building;
  • / music – used to manage and use custom audio files;
  • / playanimation – starts a one-time animation;
  • / camerashake – activates the visual effect of a shaking camera;
  • / ride – allows some mobs to ride others;
  • / clearspawnpoint – used to reset the player’s spawn point;
  • / event – fires events for the selected object;
  • fixed the work of the / spawnpoint command, now it does not affect sleeping players;
  • fixed problems after using the / execute command;
  • added the / fog command to control fog.

This is just the main part of the fixes that were added in the full version of Minecraft 1.16.100. Also, the developers made a lot of edits in the technical segment, in the analysis of objects, the work of scripts, templates. You can download the new version for free at the link below, and also go to other sections of our site, where we regularly publish interesting maps and mods. Have a good game!

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