Dinosaurs By whom for Minecraft on Android and iOS

In this modification, the author tried to collect all the most interesting dinosaurs from the Kem-Kem group, here you will find such dinosaurs as Spinosaurus, Kronosaurus and even Carcharodontosaurus.


This creature will also live near reservoirs, rivers, swamps and is tamed by the same fried cod. In order to speed up the growth of your baby spinosaurus, use raw cod, it will also come in handy if you want to cure your pet. When the dinosaur matures, you can saddle it and even ride it on the water.

After mating, two spinosaurs can lay eggs for breeding, but be careful because other predators will prey on the eggs. After hatching, the cubs cannot be tamed until they drop the fluff and become overgrown with scales. Raw cod can be used to accelerate growth.


This is the most ferocious predator of the group by Kem-Kem and he will attack anyone who gets in his way or comes into view. The cubs of this monster can be tamed using fried beef, and cheese to accelerate growth. If you feed two adults with raw beef, they will lay eggs.


It is a very fast and agile creature that can be tamed with cooked cod, and can be used with raw cod to speed up growth. This is an ideal creature for travel, because it develops a very high speed.


This creature will inhabit all reservoirs in the game and will violently attack its victims, but it is absolutely harmless for the player. Tame with ready-made cod, and use raw cod to speed up growth.


This creature, like everyone else, will live next to water bodies in order to make friends with the baby of this creature, you will need cooked cod. After you tame the cub, he will not attack you, but he will not follow you and protect you. If you ride this stubborn creature, then you can move, but you cannot choose the direction. Up to 3 players can sit on the dinosaur at the same time.


They are predators that prefer to feed on the eggs of other dinosaurs, so never let them near the eggs unless you want them to eat them.


It is a neutral herbivore, but don’t assume you can attack with impunity. Use a block of hay to tame, and wheat to speed up growth.

In total, this modification has 17 different aquatic, in the article we have described only some of the most interesting dinosaurs.

How to install the mod you can read here

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