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Dimension Update: Endless Void is one of the most polished add-ons that we recently made. Endless void aims to improve the End by adding new mobs, biomes, weapons, tools, and much more

Creator: Azonix Team (Youtube, Twitter)

Dimension Update: Endless void

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Biome Fields

Engrove Forest

Puffle Jungles


Ethereal Ruins

Ethereal ruins are new structures, here you will find trapper spawners and some loot.

Ethereal Towers

Ethereal Towers are new structures, they are rare to find, they are infested with trappers and also you can find some loot.

Zircon Columns

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Zircon columns are found in the sky of the end, they are used to feed enderpillars.



Dimension Update,Endless void

Blomps are hostile mobs, they will attack you by shooting electro-spike balls, once you killed them, a falling body of them will fall, if you don’t break it before 30-60secs the blomp will respawn


Dimension Update,Endless void

Cobas is non-hostile mobs, you can mount them by taming it with Blipxies and using Blipxie on a stick


Dimension Update,Endless void

Dribs can be found in end cities, you can trade with them by using sole ingots


Dimension Update,Endless void

Endo-slugs can be found in Endgrove forests, they are neutral mobs, and they can be fed with Zircon crystals, once they are fed, they will drop their scales, which are used for crafting Tanzanite Armors


Dimension Update,Endless void

Trappers are a new hostile mob, they will try to kill players, endermans, zombies, and skeletons by jumping on them. They usually attack in groups of 2 or even 5, the only way to kill them when they are on you is by shooting arrows or other projectiles.


  • Made by Gian, Rimestor, REGV TX, Star Origins, CheeseNull Butter, Nicohrz, Genericcarrot36, and CroissAnti


  • Added Ethereal Towers and Ruins
  • Added Trappers
  • Redesigned Puffle Valleys
  • Buffed Blomp/Enderzoids
  • Added Tanzanite Armor
  • Added Endo Scales
  • Added Zircon Columns
  • Added Zircon Crystals
  • Bees will now pollinate end plants
  • Changed End cities loot
  • Added a new panorama
  • Added Trapper Fands
  • Engrove plants now give poison effect to near players
  • Enderpillars now drop their scales by feeding them with zircon crystals
  • Removed Jakra Pufflars
  • Fixed several bugs
  • Optimized the addon
Dimension Update,Endless void

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