Deep Caves Concept Mod | Deep Dark Caves Concept for Minecraft

Deep Dark Caves Concept represents an ambitious mod, which adds a bunch of everything to Minecraft Pocket Edition, especially new blocks. And where there are new blocks, there is their processing and new tools.

Mod functions Deep Dark Caves Concept

Dark Caves |  Deep Caverns Concept Mod

To find these caves in Minecraft, you have to dig well. They will be generated in the ground from the first to thirty-second levels.

New Blocks |  Deep Caverns Concept Mod

Total mod adds to MCPE seven blocks from which you can craft items.

Shale Cave |  Deep Caverns Concept Mod

Slate |  Deep Caverns Concept Mod

Note that the Deep Dark Caves Concept does not use rocks and boulders as filler blocks. MCBEand blocks of shale. The author invites you to process it to decorate the building.

For the mod to work, you need to cut in Minecraft experimental settings. Have a good game!

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