Darkness Card | Darkness for Minecraft

On Darkness map everything, as befits a “true” horror. The main character in Minecraft Bedrock Edishn must be experiencing the already established and canon emotions of horror heroes.

The author of the Darkness card invites you to play Minecraft for Android in the dark, with maximum brightness and with headphones. You could, of course, launch Minecraft on Friday the thirteenth, somewhere in the back of the cemetery. But from the sudden appearance of the watchman, you can grab a heart attack, so it’s better not to risk it.

Dark corridor |  Dark Card

Back to map… She represents in Minecraft dark (we have a horror in general) and intricate labyrinth that hides a lot of horrors. The main character, by tradition, does not remember how he got here, and where the exit is. Naturally, you owe him MKPE help with this.

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