DarkAge Bizarre mod for Minecraft

More crazy nights, more challenging bosses, more structures with valuable loot, powerful items and a variety of mobs – all this awaits you after installation fashion DarkAge Weird in the world of Minecraft. Adventures in a blocky universe will now become much more interesting and intense.


  • A group of people who live in camps
  • Possess various types of weapons
  • You can bargain
  • Extremely aggressive towards thieves
  • Can be hired if you bargain well

Stinky doctor

  • Doctor living in a dirty house
  • Reads books constantly
  • Sells a stinky night vision mask and a syringe of suspicious blood
  • House appears in the woods
Stinky doctor


  • A beautiful bird that can be tamed with any type of meat except rotten
  • Climbs onto the player’s shoulders
  • Scares off spirits and ghosts

Jade panda

  • Jungle structure guard
  • Powerful mob that will not allow you to get a valuable reward
Emerald panda


  • Extremely powerful boss with massive amounts of damage
  • Has two wolf minions
  • Attacks all life in the world
  • Plunders cities with ease, destroys everything at hand
  • Attacks at night
  • Regenerated when killing a mob
  • It is recommended to kill immediately after being summoned, otherwise real chaos will reign in the world
  • Drop: Plague Sword, Plague Mask, Bones and Rotten Flesh

Unleashed elemental

  • Leaves craters after firing its projectiles
  • Summons the liberated
  • Spawns in its own structure in the forest
  • If you wake him up, the battle will begin
  • Absorbs water and lava
  • Drop: freed crystal and orb, nether, bones
Unleashed elemental


  • Spawns with 5 aggressive bees
  • All bosses and players will be enemies for him
  • Summons flowers, which will then become his minions
  • At low health, it will start to restore health, so you need to quickly kill it
  • Drops a carbon tree and a carbon heart

Stinky mask

  • Provides night vision
  • Purchased from the stinking merchant
Stinky mask

Plague head

  • Ordinary decoration
Plague head

Plague sword

  • Damage: 10
  • Can be enchanted
  • Mined from the Plague
Plague sword

Staff of Liberation

  • Extremely powerful weapon
  • Shoots out projectiles of liberation
  • If you press the sneak button and use the staff, then the freed will appear, which will attack all enemies
  • The freed follow the player only while holding the staff
  • Crafting: Unbound Orb, Unbound Crystal and Carbon Wood
Staff of Liberation
Liberation staff craft

Human flesh

  • Loot from mercenaries and roasted
  • Not recommended for use: you will get many negative effects
Human flesh

Jade Ingot

  • Created from Jade Shards (can be obtained from Jade Panda or Panda Structure) and Gold
Jade Ingot

Jade Gear
Soot mechanism

  • A useful mob with its own inventory


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