D-Uzi Craft v1.1 Update – Mcaddon

  • March 22, 2022


About D°Uzi Craft is a new experience to enjoy Minecraft! This resource pack adds a lot of changes and fixes to the game’s textures, it also updates some textures of the game without radically modifying the original art of the game

Some changes
Fix various inconsistencies in blocks such as copper blocks, bricks, ancient debris and more!



Update various UI and Hotbar icons that have not been updated for a long time.

A big change of textures of blocks, weapons, tools and equipment to look more aesthetic and consistent.

Credits to Eko0087 for the Custom Double Slab Template: Custom Double Slab Template | Minecraft PE Texture Packs (mcpedl.com)

Skeleton and Stray now have a quiver on their model!

The saddle of horses, donkeys and mules is now consistent with the saddle item

New texture for the Spyglass and Chainmail armor

Changes to various things

And new C418 music added for discs 11 and 13 and update sounds in some blocks

I hope you enjoy the texture!


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