Corsa textures | Corsa for Minecraft

Author Corsa texture implemented many elements in Minecraft Bedrock Edition that will improve the game.

Appearance of Corsa textures

Texture pack Corsa (Corsa) will add to Minecraft new elements such as:

Animation of prismarine blocks

Animation of prismarine blocks |  Corsa textures

Random texture of bookshelves in MKPE

Randomness of textures of bookshelves in MCPE |  Corsa textures

Improved mob detail

Improved detail of mobs |  Corsa textures

3D elements on piglin armor

3D elements on piglin armor |  Corsa textures

3D elements on mobs

3D elements on mobs |  Corsa textures

Recycled netherite in MCBE

Recycled Netherite at MCBE |  Corsa textures

You can also add updated music to this texture pack. You can download it by THIS link. Textures split by the author into three files – install them as you wish. Have a good game!

Installing Corsa (.mcpack):

  • Download textures.
  • In the directory “games/com.mojang/“Create a folder”resource_packs».
  • Next, extract the textures from the archive, and move only the folder from this archive to the folder “resource_packs».
  • Go to settings Minecraftand then into texture management.
  • Choose your textures.
  • Have a good game!

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