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Recently I was walking through the city and heard a loud rumble. At first I was frightened and thought that somewhere there was an explosion, but, as it turned out, these sounds were heard from a house being destroyed near me. I’ve always enjoyed watching someone break something, so I decided to stop and watch the process. And you know, this is an incredible feeling! Hear the crackling of a tree, the sounds of breaking glass and falling bricks.

It’s interesting to watch the demolition of a house, but the detail I missed above is technique. Various excavators and trucks impress children with their size and appearance, and adults like to watch how the machines do the work that people cannot bear.

Builder Minecraft and a big machine fanatic like me, Haiterdel has built a huge, gorgeous and incredibly detailed industrial factory that generates electricity by recycling tons of coal. At first glance, it seems intimidating and illegible, but plunge into this gray-orange mass and you will see many pipes, chimneys, red valves and even yellow triangles warning factory workers about the danger of certain parts.

“There are many hidden rooms in the factory, most of them under the broiler house,” says Haiterdel. This sounds very dangerous. I have seen many films where huge industrial premises are death traps, and there is also a huge cauldron here. The author assured me that this is not a working boiler, which means it is safe. Moreover, in the side of one mountain there is a small shop for factory souvenirs.

Even before construction began, Haiterdel studied steam engines to build a real factory, not just a bunch of pointless pipes and other incomprehensible junk. He divided the entire map into sections, where each of them is part of a mechanism for converting coal into electricity. The entire recycling process begins with an excavator that digs up the coal and, using a conveyor belt, directs it to the grinder. There it is crushed into dust and sent to the next stages.

“The grinding machine alone took a lot of time and careful study of the original images,” says Haiterdel, “but the result is worth it because it makes the whole object even more unique and realistic.”

After grinding, the coal is sent to a boiling boiler, and finally, the generated heat starts the electricity generated by the turbine. Apparently everyone is at home Minecraft will now be illuminated and provided with heat from the electricity of the coal-fired power plant. Well, goodbye Redstone, a new source of energy has appeared in the city!

Believe it or not, this is Haiterdel’s first industrial-style project. “Initially, I created a cylindrical object, which gradually acquired new details, corrected and after three months turned into a huge factory. I put a lot of effort into this project and hopefully inspired other builders. Minecraft Bedrock to create new assemblies “.

I was really encouraged by Haiterdel’s work. Maybe the next time I see the destruction of a building, I will ask to join the workers. Wish me good luck!

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