Chaos Biomes Mod for Minecraft Android

New biomes
In this version of the modification, new biomes will be added to the game, namely the biome of chaos, blood and decay. Each of these biomes will be truly dangerous places where only the strongest can survive. Each biome imposes a specific debuff on you, which will complicate your survival.

New ores
In the modification of the chaos biome, you can mine new ore, thanks to which you can create new weapons and armor, which will be many times better than the standard one. You can get this ore only in new biomes deep underground and only with a diamond pick.

New weapons and armor
All new weapons will be crafted from the new Silver Ore and Shadow Crystals found in the Chaos biome. From shadow crystals you can create a shadow sword, and from silver you can create a set of new armor.

IMPORTANT!!! For the modification to work, enable all the functions of the experimental game mode in the world settings.

Installation instructions for the mod!

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