Celebration Time: Terra Swoop Force

I returned! A crowd of angry mafiosi who are on last week kicked me out of town Minecraft for dubious farm deals, admitted defeat. They just got bored, and no one else is following me. But the moral of the story is that everything can be exchanged for potatoes if they are made of beige blocks. In any case, I had to return, a great responsibility rests on my shoulders! Or better to say: “On my wings”! I suggest listening to map designers from Noxcrewwho will tell you about this week’s free card available as for Bedrockand for Java!

“If you have never heard of Terra Swoop Force, then I have a great story for you! There is a science company GeoDescentLabs, which conducts experiments in order to find out what is happening in the center of the earth. Thirty years ago, they sent a two-man team to the center of the earth through a borehole. However, as soon as they got there, they lost contact with the surface, and since then there has been no news. Now you work in this laboratory. You are given elytra and sent to the center of the Earth to find out about the lost team. ”- Joe Arseno.Finally, I can flex my scientific muscles and prove once and for all that I look great in lab coats. The secret is to wear multiple robes at once. If one creates the image of an intelligent person, then four will obviously amplify this effect fourfold. Look! In fact, I am already a doctor.

“Initially, we had to do the project in one day live. But during the construction process, we got ahead of ourselves and created more and more details. In the end, we decided that we would take our time and leave the idea for one day. As a result, the work on the map took eight months.

Earlier in Minecraft there was only a levitation potion and we used this cool mechanic to create a glider map. But elytres were soon released, and the ability to fly freely at high speed inspired us to do more than just a card with gliders, ”- Stafan Panik.

This is the kind of ambition I am striving to achieve one day. But not today, because I’m too busy flying! I managed to get up in the air and make sure that all walls were safe for collisions. Please wait for my presentation as the results are inconclusive. Joe, can you guide us into the design process? This information would be very useful for my conclusions, as these walls seem to be deliberately located in my path.

“When our team gets down to designing a map, one of the first things we do is build a scale model of the world. This is how we understand how certain parts will interact with the player. Also at this stage, we look to see if we have the correct lines of sight, if the size is correct, if we can generally accommodate everything that we have in mind. This is where the whole team connects, not only the designers, but also the mechanics guys, sound engineers, musicians, writers, social and media marketers. We all get together and just jump in the world Minecraft Bedrockto feel the convenience of the map, ”- Joe Arsenault.

As I suspected. If you read between the lines, you can clearly see that my version Terra Swoop Force includes robber walls that appear out of nowhere. I am still a great pilot, star detective, and supposed scientist!

“If you go into reflections, the answer to the question:“ What is your main idea? ”Will be very broad and complex. I think our creative philosophy is for us and our players to have fun working on the map and exploring it. ”- Joe Arseno

That’s it. Just have fun, young cartographers. Fortunately, my idea of ​​fun is an empty space. No obstruction in sight. Just my own thoughts. Get ready for a big map of existential thinking that comes up here whenever I have a deadline that I need to meet!

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