Celebration Time: Simburia and the Walking Hero

It’s getting very cold in my wilderness. I was almost out of pure woolen socks and began to seriously worry about what I would do when that fateful day finally arrived. Fortunately gifts Java inspired me so I don’t have to do the laundry.

Canadian creator Mithey collected a skinpack Striding Hero (Walking Hero) which includes six different skins. They correspond to an upcoming map of a lost wanderer trying to find his way home to Downworld. Minecraft… I can talk about this story for a long time, because the strider and I have a lot in common, and especially its appearance.

“It’s great to take some mob Minecraft, come up with a character and story for him, and then transform it all into a skin. The result is something very similar to a vanilla game, but with a bit of a peculiarity, ”says Mithey.

It’s great! Now in Downworld I can look stylish even in warm clothes. Other mobs will stop pushing me into the lava, and I may never have to wash my laundry again. I didn’t count on a gift this year and I’m pleasantly surprised.

Receive your gift!

Once I started playing Symburbia, I never stopped thinking about what I was missing in real cities. Little things like people-watching or a calm, leisurely breakfast before work in a cozy cafe.

Thanks to JugarbovProductions I can plunge into the coolest city again and enjoy a measured life without fear of being fired from my job. In fact, it’s cooler than any metropolis I’ve ever visited because nobody asks me to leave public places. How does this happen? It’s just that no one is able to tell the mayor of Symburbia what to do.You can download this map and the accompanying elements for creating characters at Marketplace… Once you start creating your own utopia with this advanced city simulator for Minecraft Bedrock, You will need to make a choice of the type of mayor you want to become. Verification of every citizen and strict control? Maybe the construction of tall skyscrapers and transportation systems? You may prefer to spend all your days shopping. If you do, be sure to check store signs for a secret gift. You can trust me.

Okay, let’s not rely on my words and turn to Jigarbov — to CEO JugarbovProductions. Maybe he’ll explain why the current map has the same name as the 2014 map.

“The new Symburbia is better than the original in all aspects. In the original, buildings appeared immediately, but now they are being built gradually. Previously, citizens were inactive, but now they can tell you about the city using small emoticons. The world has become much more dynamic. You can be at one end of the city, and the disaster occurs at the other, so you have to drop everything and instantly get to the source. Or, being in a residential area, you can watch the construction of a skyscraper on the other side of the city.

I advise aspiring builders to just create something that people would play. Attracting players is the most difficult task, but first you can call your friends by Minecraft… This is a confident first step for further development. “

Sounds inspirational. Maybe I’ll try myself in this creative direction. Or better yet – why not give it a try! And I will try to do what I have not been very good at so far – to find time for morning coffee and not be late for work.

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