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I have been very busy looking after my garden. After a crazy flight on last week I needed to feel more down to earth. And, as always, I took all the advice literally, so in

this time I dug in the forest, discovered new mysterious plants and dozed a lot in the forest. Yes, you guessed it, I got lost on the map for Minecraft Bedrock this week – Blooming!Can you feel it? A mysterious forest, new life in every flower, a distinct taste of mud when you stumble over a block that suddenly appears. None of you will ever be as close to nature as I am now. I am practically a plant now, which explains the green tint of my skin. This feeling of merging with nature is undoubtedly the heart of the map. Let’s ask its authors – the team GAMEMODEONE.

“Blooming is a world full of flowers and plants that are completely under your control. We are really inspired by existing plants in Minecraft, we got excited about the idea of ​​growing, so we decided to expand it and see what else we can add. We asked ourselves, what makes a plant a plant? This is life, this is water. We see physical characteristics such as green leaves and vibrant buds of various hues. It was very important to reflect this in our models. ”- John Newell

Yes! I am already the best gardener this garden has ever seen! I only have one plant, I found it and named it Day. The other 30 species can find themselves, because now I am busy decorating my interactive hut. By the way, I invite you to my hut insulation party! It will be in PSRIP style – Bring Your Fish and Food!

If I think about it, then I probably should make a specific plan for this fiery holiday. I hope we will not receive any complaints about hosting the event in such a calm and beautiful place.

Now that I think about it, it seems to me that it is worth having a test party to ensure the quality of preparation and the sufficiency of the invited guests. Not that I’m worried that no one will come to my party, just let’s declare a free week. JavaRealms! In the period from December 8 to January 13, all new subscribers Java Realms will receive one week free. And if you already have a subscription, then you will also receive an additional week for free!

And before I finish, I want to say that before the end of the celebration Minecraft there are only a few days left, so you have a little more time to get all the free cards of this period. Hurry up!

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