Camera Mod | Cinematic Cameras for Minecraft

Mod entitled Камеры (Cinematic Cameras) will allow you to shoot movies without having to leave Minecraft BE. It’s cool when you don’t need to use third-party software – everything is implemented in a small fashion.

How to use the Cinematic Cameras mod

At first it may seem that Cinematic Cameras are too complicated to learn. However, with this fashion everything is much simpler. The process of filming cinematic scenes in Minecraft PE tied to the placement of control and control points.

Hypothetically, you can place up to four billion such points in the game! However, this amount should be indicated in Minecraft for Android only when you want the device to freeze, or quickly close the game – the load on the insides of the device is colossal.

But back to the points. Controls are used to move the camera over them. And the support ones serve for the camera to review the specified place. Here are the commands to use.

Command List |  Camera Mod

  • function next_scene, as well as function prev_scene, is needed by the mod in order to perform cyclic transitions;
  • function play_scene plays the current scene;
  • function stop_scene is to stop playing the current scenes;
  • function show_scene, а также function hide_scene mask particles in scenes;
  • function info will show you the current scene number;
  • function shortcuts will give you spawn eggs for anchor and control points;
  • function remove_last_checkpoint will remove the last checkpoint.

Spawn eggs |  Camera Mod

Be sure to turn on Experimental Gameplay Mode in Minecraft Bedrock Edition… Cut!

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