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Explore over 100+ pieces of furniture into Bzf Furniture Addon with working appliances and cool features. This update added new more stuff and fixed bug. Hope you like it.

Cre: BlazingFire203, Youtube

Bzf Furniture 1.0.6

Interaction On The Furnitures

How to obtain furniture

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You need a furniture Box to get the furniture.


An error in the textures of blocks more than 1:1? Well, it’s okay! Using Block-Geo fixer addon fixes custom blocks bigger or taller than 1:1! Add in your game then you will see your furniture work again!

After adding Block-Geo fixer addon

Then use a StoneCutter to Open the Furniture Box

Decorate kitchen


Living Room 

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Place the Bedcover above the Bed to change it.

Bzf Collision Finder Device: (Currently_Broken)

Just stand close one block to an Invisible Bzf Collision Block, then Hold to find it.

Bzf Collision Hider Device: (Currently_Broken)

 It works the same way as a Finder Device just does it oppositely.

If you are looking for more Furniture addons, you can visit McAddons to reach tons of other cool add-ons:


Bzf Furniture Addon
– Added:
+ Poster 1 block + 2 blocks
+  White and Gray Clothing Cabinet 
– Fixed:
+ A few bugs that exist in 1.19+
+ Block Materials/Rendering
+ Refixed a few models remastered
– Collision finder/hider is currently broken with the new things added in 1.19+


mcpeaddons download

Download Bzf Furniture Addon 1.0.6
or Here (backup Link)

Create guns, furniture, animations in ONE toolbox. Try now:

Bzf Furniture

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