Build a Sand Hotel in Minecraft

Construction parameters

Dimensions (edit)

40 / 57


Material volume




0 / 5 (0 Evaluations)

Supported version
Maps for Java 1.12.2+, Bedrock 1.14.1+

Description of the building

A beautiful hotel for a cubic world… The structure is made of sandstone and sand, so it fits well into the desert biome. There are many floors. Except for the first one, they are all divided into numbers. Most of the rooms are furnished.

The author built a foyer on the first floor. It is empty, but with a fountain. There is a small garden with trees and water on the roof of the building, where you can relax and walk.

Set the building in Minecraft Pocket Edition and live with your friends all together!

Posted by: Finder02

Category: House

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