Build a Rich Mansion in Minecraft

Construction parameters

Dimensions (edit)

56 / 71


Material volume




0 / 5 (0 Evaluations)

Supported version
Maps for Java 1.12.2+, Bedrock 1.14.1+

Description of the building

The house was built in the style of wealthy mansions of the world… The area is surrounded by a security fence. At the back of the building there is a mini garden and a seating area with a pond.

The house itself looks very nice. An ideal place to live in Minecraft Bedrock… There’s even a garage on the side of the house. Inside, everything is also done as beautifully as possible. Everything is arranged and prepared. Players can safely check in and start living right away, without unnecessary problems.

There is a lot of space inside, so don’t forget to invite your friends!

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