Boat Race Map | Boat Racing for Minecraft

We invite you to find out who is the coolest rower on map Boat Racing! There is no point in playing alone, of course, except for a good study of the ice track in Minecraft Bedrock Edishn.

Start line |  Boat Race Map

Invite up to 6 friends to row on the Boat Racing map. MKPE – one seat is naturally reserved for you. The map is a long and winding ice track in Minecraft… In some places you will come across obstacles, so be careful not to fall.

Dimple on the track |  Boat Race Map

Straight with an obstacle |  Boat Race Map

The track has everything – from the start line to the finish line, as in the real Grand Prix. And to make it more convenient to “float”, the author cards placed the necessary pointers in Minecraft PEso you don’t get lost.

The home stretch |  Boat Race Map

Finish Line |  Boat Race Map

By the way, we have a similar map, be sure to take a look at it. The same winter surroundings, but more extreme. Have a good game!

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