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There is nothing scarier than turning a corner in an abandoned mine and seeing a wall of cobwebs. Not because I have to fight a bunch of cave spiders – it’s easy, but because I will inevitably forget to take the scissors with me, and will have to punch my way only with my increasingly sticky sword.

The web has become a part Minecraft gradually. Textures were added to the game files back in 2009, and in beta 1.5 in early 2011 they were turned into a real block. At the end of the same year, along with an adventure update that brought abandoned mines and fortresses, spider webs began to appear naturally around the world.

Today, spider webs appear in many remote locations in the Upper World. And these are not only fortresses and abandoned mines, but also forest mansions, cellars and abandoned villages.

The cobweb is assembled very easily with scissors. So you get a stack or even two very simply. But if you don’t have scissors, you will need a sword enchanted with a silk touch. Of course, you can use a simple sword, it will destroy the web as quickly as scissors, but the threads will fall.

The cobweb is surprisingly useful for such a rare block. You can place blocks on it, including pictures and signs that can disguise the secret entrance (but you will be very slow to enter). You can also use it in traps to slow down mobs and players trying to infiltrate your base.

One of the most useful places to use the web in Minecraft – redstone schemes. The delay in dropping an object onto the pressure plate or funnel can be up to 25 seconds. For example, this function is applicable when opening a door: you pressed a button, entered the door, and it automatically closed behind you.

In English, the web sounds like “cobweb», And the letter«cob“Originally comes from the Old English word”cups“, Meaning” spider “, which is almost certainly due to the fact that spiders make the webs. In fact, not all spiders, because there are many species that do not weave a web at all.

In the real world, spider webs appeared over 100 million years ago, as evidenced by the fossilized spider webs found in early Cretaceous amber. They are not all the same shape, some spiders weave more intricate webs, while others are more geometric. There are species that create webs together, and many spiders live together.

The spider web is made of silk that is made inside the spider’s body and squeezed out of organs called “spinners”. Spiders can produce several types of silk: sticky, thin, or thick, each designed for a specific purpose. Some spiders are capable of creating up to eight different species during their lifetime.

In 1973, astronauts put spiders into orbit on the Skylab space station to see if they would weave webs in space, and what the webs might look like. The two spiders, Arabella and Anita, took a while to adjust to zero gravity, but in the end they made a web similar to that of Earth, but thinner in some places.

Oh, we forgot about the second part of the word. “Web” in a word “Website“Comes from the word”cobweb» (cobweb), because the intricate intertwined structure of links between different websites resembles a cobweb. Maybe we are all just spiders in one huge common web. There is something to think about the next time you get stuck in the webs of the Minecraft Bedrock.

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