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For the last time we have devoted to the Edge Minecraft a little more attention than usual. Taking inventory corus fruit and exploring Rim Uplands, we decided to release a third article on this stunning dimension. And the choice fell on the item that, in our opinion, deserves more attention – the shulker box!

Shulker boxes have been added to Minecraft in a research update in November 2016 alongside Illagers, Forest Mansions, and The Observer. Previously, crates were all six colors of the rainbow that are in the game (that is, the standard 16 colors), but in the 2017 World of Color update they were repainted in one color.

Shulker boxes have one use – storage. They performed their function so well that they even won a silver medal in the nomination “Duncan’S Minecraft Things that Can Hold Other Things Championship 2020“(Championship of subjects MinecraftBedrockthat other items might hold). The first place went to the Enderman’s chests.

Why are the boxes so big? It’s simple – they don’t drop their contents when they break. Unlike regular chests, they securely store all items in themselves even after they are picked up and placed in inventory. Place one on the ground, open it, and all your belongings will still be inside. Magic? No, wait, this is something else – science!

In other respects, shulker crates are identical to regular chests. You can stack materials inward and retrieve them using a funnel. And the capacity of the boxes is rather big – as many as 27 stacks. This means that if you place shulker boxes in every inventory slot, in every free hotbar slot, and in all other slots, you will receive *it’s time to get a calculator* 999 stacks, which is 63,936 items! You will be able to loot so many blocks of dirt.

But wait! Let’s say you have an Enderman’s chest in your inventory containing 27 shulker boxes of your own, then in total you will have 1701 stacks, which is already 108,864 items! What if you find a herd of llamas and fill their entire inventory with shulker boxes? *The calculator is already smoking* We get 4050 stacks to fit in … oh no, my calculator exploded! Apparently we will never know.

Oh, I completely forgot. In the same way that the genie does not fulfill the desire of an infinite number of desires, shulker boxes cannot be placed on other boxes. I’m sorry. This, in principle, could destroy the entire universe. Minecraft.

It’s time to talk about the bad moments – mining shulker boxes. To do this, you need to find the fortress, fill the portal frame with the eyes of the Enderman, go through the portal, defeat the Ender dragon, explore the outer islands and find the Ender city in them. And then you need to fight a bunch of shulkers, while trying to stay alive, and grab a couple of shells. If you have done all this, then the simplest remains. Place the chest in the center of the crafting grid, with shells on top and bottom, and voila, the shulker box is ready!

Do you want to make it unique? No problem! Simply pair the crafting lattice drawer with any dye. Ideal for stylish gamers who can’t afford to spoil the color scheme of their home decor with an old-fashioned drawer. You can repaint it with a cauldron, and also call it an anvil if you really want to organize your pantry.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go. I have a lot of dirt, these boxes won’t fill up by themselves!

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