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What is the most priority for you when building in Minecraft? Are you focusing solely on usability, creating structures from scrap materials (usually cobblestone), placing a lot of emphasis on efficiency, and looking far from the first place?

Or do you prefer your artwork to look great and spend countless hours searching for rare materials in all changes Minecraft? And it doesn’t matter at all how large-scale your project is, be it castles and cities, or just a small storeroom.

This week’s block is most likely more suitable for the second category of people. With it, you can personalize your world by creating various patterns on the flags. And this block is a loom!

Looms have been added to Minecraft Bedrock in the update “Village & Pillage»In April 2019. There are two ways to get a loom. The first is to craft it yourself using two boards and two threads, placing them in a workbench in the shape of a square.

The second is to steal from the shepherd’s house in the village. I do not recommend using this method, because boards and threads are not objects for which it is worth going to such dirty deeds.

Once you have received the loom in an honest or dishonest way, you need to click on the “use” button to get started. A complex interface will open in front of you, but don’t worry, because we will walk with you through this jungle together, and I will tell you what’s what! In the upper left corner there are three slots: in the left is your flag, in the right is the dye. In the lower one you can put an additional element of the template for the flag.

After placing the flag and dye, you will see a set of patterns in the upper center section. Most of the patterns are geometric shapes: stripes, crosses and some basic elements. Choose the option you like and use it when creating the pattern.

Best of all, you can put the flag back on the loom and overlay new designs on top. If you run out of ideas, use ready-made templates. For instance, on that website there is a whole catalog of complex, simple, multi-colored, themed flags.

In the real world, looms are also used to make banners. But much more often with their help fabrics are made. In this business, weaving looms are real professionals, and for thousands of years no production can do without them.

If we talk about the device of the loom and the principle of its operation, it is worth starting with a huge number of threads that are stretched parallel to each other. These are called warp threads. Slowly, with the help of a machine, a person working on a loom weaves a second thread perpendicular to the main thread – a weft. It (weft) is usually less strong, since it is not the base of the product, and fluffy, so that it covers all the gaps and makes the canvas visually denser. By this method, repeating the same action, you will get a full-fledged fabric! And if you want variety, you can use additional colors during the weaving process, thus creating new patterns and designs.

Over the past centuries, the efficiency of the loom has been greatly enhanced by technology. In the past, making fabrics was a very difficult and time-consuming task, usually performed by women, children, or even slaves. Now they have been replaced by huge automated machines that cope with the task much faster.

IN Minecraft there are no huge machines, but we do not have to weave on the loom on our own. Just choose a design and color and leave the hard stuff to the machine. To some extent, it is even more interesting than modern machines!

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