Blazer Waterpark Map | Blazer Water Park for Minecraft

It often happens that the creative mode, like survival, in Minecraft Bedrock Edishn can, to put it mildly, get bored. And then they come to the rescue cards like Blazer Water Park (BlazerWaterPark)where you can escape from endless crafting and mining.

Trees in the park |  Blazer Waterpark Map

Map called Blazer Water Park is one giant water park in Minecraft for Android, which is divided into several thematic zones.

Swimming pool in the water park |  Blazer Waterpark Map

Wave pools, rafting and water slides. What could be better than this? Outside MCBEnaturally. The author of the map made pleasant landscapes against the background of the park, and also changed textures sky.

Aquapark aquarium |  Blazer Waterpark Map

Special attention should be paid to the aquarium with animals from Minecraft PE, be sure to check it out for a guided tour.

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